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Sir Irisch Moos AS and EdT

Ever since the news broke that SIM shave soap was discontinued, I've been using it a lot again. I forgot how wonderful the scent is. It's not just clean and soapy, it has a sharp spice note--I believe corriander--thrown into the mix to give it a touch of flavour. I can live without the soap but the scent I would like to hold on to somehow. I know there's a SIM AS and EdT but I've never tried them or even read a single review or mention about them. Has anyone here ever sniffed them out? Are either of their scents close to the soap's? I ask because I've heard that other product lines like Speik smell very different betwen the soap, AS, and EdT.

The description for the SIM soap mentions oakmoss, cedar, and corriander as the major players. The aftershave lists the same notes. The EdT however gets relatively complex with its "citrus and herbal high notes supported by a woodsy foundation of cedar sparked with spicy florals. Interwoven with patchouli, moss and tonka bean..." My guess is that the AS and soap are close scent siblings while the EdT is more a second cousin to them. Experiences? Thoughts?
I have not tried the EdT, but the soap and AS some of my favorites.
I'm not very good on scents and notes, but I can say that the two matches eachother very well, the scent of the AS is similar, but not identic, not sure how to describe it, a little sharper maybe? But very nice when it have settled.
I only have the AS--never tried the EdT. I like the AS a lot. It does smell very similar to the soap. People have noted that it smells a bit like Irish Spring soap and I'd tend to agree with that too--with the addition of a coumarin note. Well worth a try.
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