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Single shoulder versus double shoulder

Hello All

I’ll get right to the point.

Is there any purpose to the second shoulder (sometimes called a stabilizer I think) on a straight or is it only relevant to the grinder. I tend to dislike them since the can hinder honing a bit but other than that I find that they change anything. Though of course it’s impossible for me to compare the same razor with and without a double shoulder.

As best as I can tell they are pretty standard for full hollow grinds these days but many of the vintage Solingens were singles. Anyone know why it was changed?


Its only there to make honing a pain in the ***. :D

In reality... my answer is I dont know. But I bet others here will know.
“The stabilizing piece resists against torsion. It can be single, double, or single ellipsoid, depending on blade style, type, and esthetics.”

maybe easier to have 2 depending on the wheels? Maybe a bladesmith can explain.
Shoulders or stabilizers is only a problem on poorly forged and grind razors, or razors with serious geometry problems.

Its the cheap GD, ZY and TI razors that suffer from this poor craftsmanship, never had a problem on vintage/new Solingen, Sheffield or Swedish razors.