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Single ring combination set question

So i just picked this up the other day and it was missing the blade case. I put in what looks original in sales adds but it feels like its a real tight squeeze. Does anyone else have one and think the same? Its almost as to the point where it tries to roll the brush canister out of it resting place etc. I've picture it with two different style blade cases and the black cardboard one seems to fir the best but I think the metal one came with it.

What is the serial number on the razor?

For sure it's a chrome blade case but your case looks 1910 and the items inside look like the 1918 and 1920 kits. Your brush looks much larger and the logo is horizontal compared to the one below and your case logo is a patch and the arrow is longer than this one below making me think it is earlier but I have seen pocket editions dated later with the same patch so I am not sure, but the blade case is the chrome plated type either way. I have an earlier one with the squared top not the flap with a patch logo with two cardboard blade banks but it has the larger rounder powder canister not the brush. The base of you razor is larger than this one also, the rings are equal size this one is not.

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I knew that was you who picked that one up. :wink2:

What's the serial number on the razor? I would be inclined to think that the match-strike case would be the correct one, guessing mostly from the logo patch. That cigarette-pack style case you've got with it is probably not right. The later ones do seem to have come with the cardboard cases, and the 1914 catalog shows a brush that looks more like yours, too. But I would really expect that logo to be screened onto the headliner by that point.

Serial number is C202304 - 1912

I just noticed after reading the comments and looking but my brush is like the sales adds in Porters comments with the Gillette logo running horizontally with the canister and not vertical. I checked the diameter of this shave stick holder to every other one in my collection and they are all the same. Is there a smaller container for the shave stick? The diameter does appear a little large for the space as it won't sit flush in the bottom with out a little force to go down. I think I may have some mix matched items here.
i wonder how hard it would be to get a different shave stick tin that fit, assuming there is a smaller one?? does anyone else have this set that knows for sure of there is a difference between sizes?
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