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Single Edge Sunday - What Will You Use?

Schick Adjustable set on 7.
Gillette Foamy.
Old Spice AS from Dollar General.

The interesting thing is that the Schick is clearly smoother than a Type L Clone, even though I use the same blades in both.
I was looking through my humidor that was converted to store my shaving blades and spare razors..... and came across my Schick injector Canadian E5 I bought 2yrs ago and decided that was going to be my Sunday shave and it performed Ok with a reasonable shave.
Razor : Schick injector E5 Canadian 1937 pat razor(rare Black handle)
Blade : SChick (2)
Soap: Razorock Lavender
Brush: Razorock Plissoft
Preshave: Wet the face with a warm wash cloth 40 sec X 2 + Aloe vera gel
Post shave : Alum block + cold water rinse
Post shave : FINE fresh vetiver + witch hazel + Nivea balm
Results : CCS,DFS,BBS + Alum block indicates no irritation=:001_rolle
Sunday shave Aug11-2019 (2).jpg
Have some great shaves!
Went with my Schick Type A that I had revamped with Razor Emporium. Loaded with a new Schick Proline.
Soap - Fine Fresh Vetiver
AS - PAA Vetiver Planet
Balm - Bromleys Post Shave Balm

Today was my Ever Ready Lather Catcher (1907ish) with a Gem SS (2). Pretty clean shave, just a bit off irritation on my neck where I usually have it.
Main shave today is with my newest addition to the GEM SE family collection,& the GEM Junior Parade did not let me down.
The Gem junior parade razor with a Gem coated blade is one of the Smoothest & efficient shaves in that combination of gear shaving can offer with reasonable hand technique.
Razor : GEM Junior Parade mfg 1938
Blade : GEM Personna SS teflon (9)
Brush : Razorock Noir 400 Plissoft
Soap : Razorock XXX
Pre shave : Wet the face + Aloe Vera gel
Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
Post shave : Razorock XXX splash + witch hazel + nivea balm
Results : CCS,DFS,BbS + Alum indicated some irritation around the chin area= :)
SOTD Aug 18-19 (2).jpg
Have some great shaves!
First shave with my Gem feather weight, not bad, preshave routine wasnt in effect (shower)etc. Used Mike's soap , used gem PTFE blade, Omega boar brush. Pretty good shave, two weepers on my neck. Lately it's more problematic than it used to be. Still have a few razors to try out. I like to use them several times before.i decide on them.
I like Sunday shaves, maybe it goes back to when Dad did his morning shave when I was a lot younger a boy, he had his own business and was always working but Sunday was a day of rest for him.
Razor : Everready 1914 (Little lather catcher)
Blade: GEM Personna SS PTFE (4)
Soap : Proraso green
Brush : Razorock Plissoft
Pre shave: wet the face +Alo vera gel
Post shave: Alum block + cold water rinse
Post shave : Proraso green + witch hazel + Nivea balm
Results: CCS,DFS,BBS + Alum block indicated no irritation=:001_wub: hit my sweet spot!
LLC VS SH Aug 25-2019 (2).jpg
Have some great shaves!
My New Christy with a hand-fit Platinum blade for one side.

Christy with BIC Platinum C.jpg

On the other side, a Krona - No, a Slim - No, a Super Speed - No,an Old Type - no, the Fatboy ...
Too many choices - gotta wait & see ...
Good old Sunday shave time and it is usually a quiet period at 6:30 am in the house just to enjoy the ritual shave!
Razor: Everready 1924 shovel head with a Streamline handle
Blade : Gem Personna SS PTFE (3)
Soap : Haslinger Schafmilch:thumbsup:
Brush: Razorock Plissoft
Preshave: Wet the face + Aloe Vera gel
Post shave : Alum block + cold water rinse
Post shave : FINE fresh Vetiver AS:thumbsup: + witch hazel + Nivea balm
Results: CCS,DFS,BBs + Alum block indicated some irritation because of the close shave+no weepers =:thumbup:
Sunday shave with 1924 shovel head Sept 1-2019 (2).jpg
Have some great shaves!
Loaded a fresh blade for the start of SEptember.
Razor: Gem 1912
Blade : Gem PTFE (1)
Soap : O'ccitane Cade
Brush: Vie-Long 12601
Preshave: Noxzema/Hot towel/Lather/Hot towel
Post shave : RinSE/Alum/Thayer's cucumber WH/Hot towel/SEa Breeze/AoS Sandalwood AS lotion
PasSEs : 2
Results: BBS, couple of weepers