Single Edge Sunday - What Will You Use?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Mick, Jun 10, 2012.

    Love that Red enders. And I'm really enjoying my first Enders in black, thanks again for turning me on to these razors.
    Is that a Stahly razor head on a barberpole handle?

    Nice setup. And another great photo. I like the brush as usual, it's Interesting looking. Did you Frankenstein it yourself?
  1. Stahly on ATT Atlas handle will be daily driver for my beard while in Asia. Great shaver.

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  2. Very cool. One of my friends has two of them. And uses the head on a similar handle. He tried the Stahly wind up but said it was a bit cumbersome to shave with and needed to be wound to often, they are still pretty cool engendering wise, and he said the head shaves quite well on a standard DE handle.
  3. The fact it's the only DE I'll be shaving with for the summer speaks to how good I think it is

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  4. Yes. I was the frankensteiner. The Made Rite #8 had several cracks in the white plastic base. I started to use the leftover small piece of wood for another project, but that will never happen.
  5. Very cool and very industrious.
  6. 20190623_110032.jpg
    Schick Dial with Schick china
    Super easy BBS
  7. Ever Ready 1914 / GEM PTFE (11)
  8. Posting a day late, but Sunday's shave was a Razorock Hawk with a Feather Pro and Trader Joe's honey mango cream. Amazingly smooth shave.
  9. Blackland Sabre- treet blade.
  10. MMOC/Gem SS(7?)
  11. eBarbershop clone of Schick Type O/Japanese Schick II twin blade (12)
  12. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Stick Schick with a 20 year warranty from a G Schick  (2).jpg
    Stick Schick L type :a17: Japanese Schick II twin blade (17) CCS,DFS,BBS
  13. Schick-Eversharp E3 / Schick (9)
  14. malocchio

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  15. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Started this Sunday with a great shave with one of my favorite lather catchers my STAR bar 1919 No4 and like always gave me a CCS,DFS,BbS.
    Razor: Kampfe Brothers 1919 Star bar lather catcher
    Blade: Gem Personna SS PTFE (2)
    Soap : Razorock Lavender
    Brush : Razorock Plissoft
    Pre shave: Wet the face with a warm wash cloth X 2 for 40 seconds+ Aloe vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
    Post shave: Razorock Blue Barber + Nivea balm
    Results: excellent shave Sunday shave July 14-2019 (2).jpg
    Have some great shaves!
  16. Schick G2/Chick blade (11)
  17. Prep - Noxzema, Hot towel*, Lather, Hot towel*, Proraso green pre-shave
    Razor - Clog Pruf, Bullet Tip with guiding eye, and MMOC from Micromatic Passaround with Gem SS blades

    Brush - Luxury 10-5 re-knotted with a 24mm x 63mm boar knot
    Post - Alum, Thayer's Medicated Witch Hazel, Hot Towel*, Sea Breeze, Blade for Men(CVS) Arctic Blue
    Passes - WTG, XTG, ATG
    Result - BBS

    Have a happy shave!

    * Scented with Eucalyptus and Cinnamon EO, and Menthol bath salts
  18. GEM 1912 / GEM PTFE (9)

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