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Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

The aristocrat is also $20 and the end caps have all plating gone.

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Even still, $20 is a good price (as long as everything is in working order) for one of the better shaving early TTOs (think Red Tip/Fat Boy style head, but smoother shaving IMO)-- I'd try the bundle route as well. The Aristocrat I picked up was in much worse shape than that one but cleaned up well (plate loss in spots/no end caps) and although it squeaks on occasion, it shaves great.
Mail call. 10 days from China.

Yaqi Katana in Chrome and stubby 70mm nickel handle. A little too heavy for my taste but OK. Swapped it out for a longer 90mm no brand plastic and chrome handle, suited my way of shaving better.

IMG_20210414_154457487_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20210414_154508174_HDR~2.jpg IMG_20210414_154431423_HDR~2.jpg

Loaded with a Treet carbon blade and proraso soap, result BBS in 3.
Not a purchase, but as I now have a new magic eye I decided to make a new stand. As you may know we moved earlier in the year and as such I lost my shave cave but gained a great work shop. As such most of my display gear is packed away, they're mainly DE razors and associated DE stuff. But as I've had a decent collection of SE razors I thought why not. So I introduce to you,

THE SPACE AGE 2001, 9 razor stand.

I was watching 2001 space oddity the other day again and this kind reminds me of the chairs in the space station, where folk are just going about their days.


Here's what it replaces,

IMG_20210421_112253679_HDR.jpg stored away for when i get more room.
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