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Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

Wild caught cased Ever-Ready 1914 “Patented March 24/14”

The case did some traveling. Plenty of scratches, no dents, and the clasp and hinge work perfectly.

Comes with some historical data. The razor was well used, but well-cared for, and not worn out.

Here is the star.
Most likely a Type A proto. What's the function of the small button around the lower third of on the handle?

Hello Adam. The small button seems to be attached to a flat spring which applies tension to the slide mechanism. The small screw by the base allows the slide to be removed from the main body of the razor. This is especially fortunate when the removable blade spring is foolishly inserted upside down & the razor is jammed with the slide extended :mad2:.
(Yes...I did that :crying:)20191231_190327~2.jpg
Trying to finish the 2019 razor hunt strong, I located these two beautiful specimens in the wild yesterday. As they'll be added to my personal collection, I don't mind saying I gave $20 for both. The Featherweight is NOS and the MMOC included the shipper and the strikingly bright instruction booklet.