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Single Edge metal razor from Bic


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
It’s new packaging and a good price. Less popular, but more enjoyed than their “sensitive” single edge disposable.
They have been around for a long time, just not widely available for awhile. I used to use them a lot for travel. They are about the best disposable I've used. They are a very lightweight single edge razor, shaves a bit like an injector razor. Just hardly any weight to them, which takes some getting used to.
I have seen BIC Metal razors at my local Dollar Tree (Dollar-Twenty-Five Tree) for a few months. Someone other than me is buying them because their stock is dwindling.
I finally got to try it. I agree that it does give a very nice close shave.
Usually I don't mine a light razor, in fact I prefer them but this one is too light to be my main razor. It's like I'm shaving with a toy razor. But it does do the job and that's the main thing.
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