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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Kentos, Aug 14, 2019 at 9:55 PM.

  1. Kentos

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    Assuming I had 6 bills burning a hole in my pocket. Piersel or Eltang?
    B128D561-37DA-4572-BD6C-57F08E0EE3A2.jpeg A475424D-3F3C-4B0B-BD97-08674FE5046F.jpeg
  2. Price

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    You can't go wrong. Personally, I'd go with the Scottie, just because it's unlike anything else in my rack, but both are winners.
  3. Riff Raff

    Riff Raff Contributor

    You gotta be sure. The only way to ensure that is to get both! :)
  4. Eltang makes his pipes in serial fashion, so most of them are copies of one another. Except for the high grades, but those go for serious dough. So, there's a lot of them out there and you have a good chance of scoring one on the used market (I've seen two rusticated Eltang pokers in smokingpipes estates over the past month). Scottie's pipes are all one-off (although many of them are similar designs). So, if the uniqueness of the piece appeals, then get a Scottie. But I do love my Eltang--fabulous smoker.
  5. No wrong answer here. Personally, I would go for the Scottie, those pencil thin shafts are intriguing.

    But...the Eltang is not too shabby!
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  6. I'm not a pipe smoker but the Piersel appeals more to me visually.
  7. Price

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  8. Kentos

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    In my dream I buy both. In reality I buy none. I have some weekend work coming if anything, prolly the Scottie. Did you ever pick up a tin of Sansepolcro? If not there is a tin in my cellar with your name on it too. One of these days man...
  9. Price

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    Yes. Soon, dammit.
  10. Not a smoker, but the top one is pretty sharp. Haven't seen one like that before.

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