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Simpsons The Duke 2, 2 identical but not same 'dial in' time ?

Hey folks :001_smile

I bought one The Duke 2 Best some time ago and after a rinse in shampoo and water it performed great for face lathering after 2 shaves. The first 2 shaves it didn't hold water as well but after that it started to perform and show its greatness.
Then I purchased another identical The Duek 2 in Bests because I needed one extra for when I shave at work once in a while. I gave this the exact same treatment as my first one. Rinsed it in shampoo and water and after now 6 shaves it clearly can still not hold the water as well as my first Duke 2 can.

I have used the same shaving cream to see if this was the factor, but it drips the water on my face and neck while I apply the lather via face lathering and this annmoys me. It does not give me the same quality of shaving cream lather as I get with the first Duke 2.

What can be wrong ?

The 2 brushes hair look identical but one brush holds the water fine, while the other leaks the water during applying the shaving cream lather so it drips down on my chest, which annoys me like he_ ll :mad3:

Do I need to have more patience before this brush will perform adequately or what ?
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Are you actually using the second one at work? Is the water quality different there? Might be minute but it's a thought.

Hmmm. Looks like different hair. Same, yet different.

I'd give the work brush another dozen uses to see what effect, if any, that might have.
A soaking in diluted vinegar might be of benefit as well.
In my experience writing brushes off too early is all too easy. I was ready to sell my polo 8 in two band because it always felt scritchy. Now after a few more weeks of relentless lathering to break it in a little more it is very soft n a pleasure to use.
Any chance to post a side-by-side pic of the two Dukes, Claus?

No, because I just sold it today (4 hours ago in fact) and ordered a Duke 3 in 2 band from shaving.ie - hope it will perform better :w00t:

I know you said 2 band was not your cup of tea, but based on a couple of other guys recommendations, I took the chance and ordered it......£120
Also bought the Trumper Almond shaving cream, because the Coconut scent is not my favorite (drank too much Malibu rum a cople of times, when I was a teenager :blush: )

So hope this duo will serve me well - The Duke 2 in best and the Duke 3 in 2-Band Super :tongue_sm
I expect you'll find the Duke 2 band to be very nice. Please allow several weeks of steady use for it to break in.
I expect you'll find the Duke 2 band to be very nice. Please allow several weeks of steady use for it to break in.

I ordered the Duke 3 in 2-Band based on firstly because I'm a bit curious as to how it will perfrom and secondly because I wouldn't mind a brush just a tad bit larger than The Duke 2, but not the size of a Chubby 2, so I thought a Duke 3 in 2-Band would fit the bill, since from what I hear the 2-Band will seem a tad bit smaller in Bloom than a Duke 3 in Best will.
I will only use my Dukes for face lathering, since my Kent BLK8 is the KING of bowl lathering in my little world :tooth:
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