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FS Simpsons, Semogue & Omega Brushes and Fatip DE Razor

I'm selling some high quality items that don't get much use here. All are sanitized — the brushes with vinegar and borax solutions and the razor with Scrubbing Bubbles.
  • Simpsons Duke 2 Limited Edition in Best Badger $70. The Duke Limited Edition differs from the regular Duke in its ivory grain resin handle. Excellent example of a Simpsons Best knotdense with soft tips, retains warmth and moisture; virtually no shedding since break-in. Used gently by one owner (me) in rotation with a dozen or so other brushes. As you see, the decal is worn, but the brush is in excellent condition. Original box included.
  • Semogue 610 Excelsior Pure Boar Bristle and Omega 11047 Mixed Midget in One lot $25. I bought these little guys on BST a few months ago to experiment with boar, but I’ve decided to stay with badger. I’ve added value with break-in lathers and submerging in the fridge (brushes, not me). Both brushes are in excellent condition and ready for a boar enthusiast. No boxes.
  • Fatip Testina Gentile razor with zebrano wood handle — $30. I bought this razor on BST about three months ago. No QC issues. Posts are straight; finish is smooth; and blade gap and exposure are even. As far as I can tell, condition is like new. It’s just too mild for me.
Duke2 1.JPGDuke2 2.JPGDuke2 3.JPGSemogue 1.JPGSemogue 2.JPGOmega 1.JPGOmega 2.JPGFatip 1.JPGFatip 3.JPGExtras.JPG
With purchase of each item, add your choice of a tuck of Shark Super Stainless, Shark Super Chrome, Ladas Super Stainless, or Gillette Rubie DE blades, or a sealed, unused tube of Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel. I have only one of each, though.
Prices include domestic Paypal fee and 1st class USPS shipping within CONUS. Add $5 for Priority Mail. I will ship internationally, but prices must be adjusted for shipping cost.
- Simpsons Duke 2 LE - $59
- Semogue 610 & Omega 11047 - $20
- Fatip Testina Gentile zebrano - $25
Extra blade tuck or BP gel included as before.

Or, take it all, including all 4 blade tucks and the BP gel, for $89.

Domestic PayPal fee and 1st class USPS within CONUS still included. Add $5 for Priority Mail.
Final price cuts:
- Simpsons Duke 2 LE - $50
- Other individual gear, same as before
- Take it all - $75

Same terms and shipping as before.
Simpson Duke 2 LE sold with Gillette Rubie blade tuck.

Other items still available at same prices and on same terms. Or take it all for $40.
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