Simpsons Sandalwood cream, gone bad

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by HiPowerRon, Sep 16, 2018.

    This morning I used my Simpsons Sandalwood cream that I've had less than a year. I've only used it a few time and enjoyed it. It had a nice sandalwood scent and I got a nice bbs shave. This morning it smelled like an ashtray. I had my wife sniff it and she said to throw it away. I hate to throw away creams, but I have so many others that I enjoy that I don't really need it. My other Simpsons creams still smell nice. It did give me a very nice shave as always. Anyone else experienced this wiith creams? especially Simpsons?
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  2. Yes, my mistake! Can someone move it?
  3. I just received a tin from WCS this week. Opened it up and same scent but mine was not soft and fluffy but hard and clumpy. When whipped up still had hard clumps. Like you tossed it.
    In the past could always count on Simpsons. Could be WCS as sometimes hit and miss.
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    sounds like small production lot and (too) long time in a warehouse somewhere.
    you might try asking your original vendor if he would replace with something else.
    good luck and keep us posted.

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