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Simpson's poll

Do you have one or more Simpson brushes?

  • Yup

  • Nope

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I'm just wondering how popular Simpson brushes are. There is a lot of variety in their lineup and they seem to get a good bit of mention.
I had one for a little while, but it was a pure and I found it too scritchy for my taste. The handle shape (it was a Berkeley 46) wasn't my favorite in hand. My hand wants handles that are shaped more similarly to an Omega 48, but made of resin. That's how I ended up with the Made Rites I have now.

As I look at the lineup of brushes they make, I think I like the idea of having one better than actually having one. I keep looking at them but I can't resign myself to spending the money to get one. I'm too much of a philistine to appreciate the higher quality of their knots, and lots of folks make nice turned resin handles. The shapes of their handles do not look optimal for my preferences to my eye. And, to be petty, I don't like stickers on the handle body where I have to hold it.

So, after all that rambling, I'd say it's unlikely I'd ever get another. But it's me, not them.


I have 3 of them: a Case in Best, Duke LE 2 in Best and a Simfix in Manchurian. The Simfix could be my best-performing brush. The others are just fine too.
I have recently had a chance to try the Duke three and it is perfect for someone who wants a lot of scrub, medium backbone, and tips that are not super soft.

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I’m up to six

Berkeley 46 pure
Commodore 3 best
Classic 2 best
Chubby 3 super
Chubby 2 two band
59 best

though soon I’ll be selling 2 - 3
I must admit that I am a Simpson’s Chubby fan.
Chubby 2 Super
Chubby 2 Best
Chubby 3 Best
Chubby 3 Best
Travel Brush Super

I personally really like the ivory resin handle, dense knot, badger hair and classic style. I’ve been face lathering with Tabac or Stirling soap although I can just as easily bowl lather. It seems to be that face lathering is just a little faster for the daily shave before work.

When I start looking around at other brushes I find myself looking for a similar ivory resin handle and dense knot. The Chubby 2 is my benchmark to which all other badger brushes will be compared.

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I've had a number, still have 15 in my den. Simpson's has a wonderful range of products, from the Wee Scot to the Polo's in size .., with different grades of hair, even some synths.

Rudy Vey

Got four in my stash left:
Polo 8 in the old 2-band super (stupidly sold my PJ and T2 in this hair)
M6 Manchurian
T3 Manchurian
CH2 synthetic

Polo, M6 and T3 are my favorite handles from Simpson, never cared for the Chubbies, guess with carpal tunnel and arthritis, one prefers certain shapes that are easy to hold, and the Chubby style is not such.


Three Eagle 3s in different grades, and a Duke 3. Like Rudy I'm not a big fan of the handle of the Duke, it's just a smaller Chubby. The Eagles though, now that's a handle to love.
Eagle G2: fantastic brush and great value
Classic 1: face lather beast
chubby 1 in Best, super and manchurian: my favorite brush size
Chubby 2 in Best and Super
Milk Churn: least favorite, too big handle but still very unique


I have five:
  • Colonel X2L Best
  • Duke 1 Best
  • Duke 2 Best
  • Duke 3 Best
  • Chubby 2 Super
I may add a Chubby 1 Super in the near future.