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Simpsons or Thater

Can you help me to choose between Simpsons Duke 3 Best Badger and Thater 4125/1 two band (fan) ? I am face lathering with hard soaps ! I need gentle scrubbing/massage feeling from the brush and I have a little bit sensitive skin ! Thanks !
Duke 3 in best is a great everything brush. Not a backbone beast by any means, but does well with soaps. It’s very “middle of the road” in every way. I have never used a Thater, but I would like to get the same one you mentioned.
I’ve never used a Thayer but the Simpsons should serve you well. You might also consider the Chubby 1 or the Classic 2. These two are great face lathering brushes with hard soaps. Good luck with it!
I have the Duke 3 in best, I also have a chubby 1 in super and Duke 3 in manchurian. Chubby 1 in super in my favorite of the 3. Does work very well on hard soaps. The knot is the same size. PM if you need more info or pics...I love Simpsons.
Simpsons best can be hit or miss. I've got a Duke 2 with a hint of scritch and a Duke 3 that feels like pure. My Thater is a bulb and feels like my D2 when swirling but no scritch painting. My best face lathering brushes are Elite Razor's Manchurians.
If you're not set on Simpsons and Thater, I would recommend getting a knotting service or a whole brush from Declaration. That goes double if you're looking for density and backbone.

If you're set on the mentioned two, a 2 band Thater would be my choice.
The Thater 2-band is going to have softer tips and good balance of backbone and flow through but no scrub. The Duke generally has very good backbone and a bit of scrub. Simpson best can be quite variable. I have a Duke 3 with soft tips and little scrub with good backbone. The hair is very close to Simpson Super (silvertip). I have another Duke 3 that is less dense and almost scritchy with great flow through. Both have decent backbone. Simpson best is finer hair than the 2-band from Thater and gets its backbone from density whereas the 2- band hair is thicker and can provide backbone with less density.

They are two very different brushes. Neither is "better" than the other. I do believe though, that everyone should have at least one Simpson, and that the Duke 3 is a good one to have.
Having Thäters and Simpsons in my stable; given a choice between these two models, I would choose the Thäter.
I own a 4125 (bulb design) and find it an extremely versatile brush.

Both manufacturers produce brushes of similar quality, but the Thäter 4125 wins for me because of the exceptionally ergonomic handle and slightly larger knot, while the Simpson Duke 3 looses because of the smaller size knot and because I am just not too keen on Best Badger, and it might not be the best choice for you either if you have sensitive skin and are looking for gentle massaging brush.

Maybe I should point out however that, more than my Simpsons or Thäters, I enjoy my Shavemacs and instead of the two above I would probably choose a Shavemac ME2 (fan) or CT3 (bulb) with similar dimensions to the brushes you mentioned. Handles are available in other colors too with slightly different models numbers.
Shavemacs are built like a tank, (like Thäter) it is a small German company that (like Simpson) has a excellent customer service, and I don’t recall any complaints about shedding of other flaws with Shavemac.
If you are patient, you can even configure a brush to your own specifications.

My 2 bits worth...

Good luck.

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