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FS Simpson’s Eagle G2, Muhle Silvertip Badger, 3 Muhle heads, 3 Fatips - worldwide shipping

Hi gents

Thinning out the den. All prices include PayPal G&S fees and international tracked shipping to USA, Canada, UK or Europe. Other countries please consult

US buyers pay in US dollars, others pay in euros

All items in great original condition. I’m the original owner. See photos and individual listings for details

Original packaging included except for the Muhle Rocca head

Brushes: take both for $95 or €85
- Simpson’s G2 Eagle Pure Badger: $55 or €50
A true lather beast with the best handle in the Simpson’s line up. Lightly used. If you like Pure Badger, this can’t be beaten
- Muhle Silvertip Badger 21x50mm: $55 or €50
Used twice. To me it feels akin to a good quality Best Badger. Nice backbone, scrub and only a hint of scritchy. Hand-tied bulb knot made in Germany. Used 3X

- Lot #1: 3 Muhle Heads only. R41 (used 3X), R89 (brand new) and Rocca v4 (used 7X) - $75 or €65
There are 3-4 machine marks in the top cap of the Rocca that I couldn’t remove (see photo). It came like this to me. You can’t feel it with the finger, just visual. Does not affect shaves

- Lot #2: 3 Fatips. Gentile Grande Chrome (lightly used), FOCS gold Piccolo (lightly used but Fatip didn’t do a good plating job on the base plate, see photos), and a vintage Original Grande Gold Mk1 (unused brand new) - $65 or €55

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I’m also willing to split the lots and mix and match, as long as it makes sense for shipping (eg: Rocca head plus something else, or one brush plus something else, etc)
Let me know if you have something in mind, we can talk.
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