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I must commend Simpson's customer service. Last year I bought a new Classic 2 in best badger. After a year's use it was still losing 6-8 bristles a shave. I told Simpson's - not complaining, because the brush was perfectly usable, but just so they knew. The managing director replied and asked me to return the brush so they could take a look. To my surprise they sent me a new brush by return of post. I replied that if I'd known they were going to do that I would have paid the extra and asked for a Duke 3. Sure enough, they said return the Classic and we'll replace it with a new Duke. They did this immediately. I haven't used the Duke yet but I like the bigger handle and also the knot is not as stiff as the Classic. This is excellent customer service. Thank you, Simpson's!
I too found Simpson Customer Service very generous and responsive.

With respect to their brushes (and Vulfix, who owns them now) I found that sticking to their light to-and-fro strokes recommendation may make a difference - at least with their products.


Not everyone will agree with me, other manufacturers are not quite so prescriptive with their instructions, and I don’t restrict myself to these to-and-fro strokes with other brushes, but I can say that it brought two notorious Vulfix shedders that had been hibernating in the bottom drawer under control.

Good luck with your new brush.

I think that any brush which sheds will shed less the more gently it is used. The Simpson care leaflet states that a 'heavy' circular motion damages the hair of the brush and Mark from Simpson has confirmed right here on B&B that light circular motions are fine. Any brush that could not tolerate light swirling strokes which do not overly mash or splay the knot to my mind is faulty and would end up returned, reknotted or in landfill.
I have always face-lathered in circular motions. In almost 12 years of wet shaving, I've owned at least 25 brushes, including Thaters, Rooneys and 8 Simpsons. The only Simpson brush that continued to shed after the first couple shaves was a Rover bought from a vendor. I loved the handle, but had so many brushes at the time, I just tossed it in my basement shave box. Last year, I resurrected the Rover, thinking I may get it re-knotted. Lo and behold, it no longer sheds and has become one of my favorites.
I am in agreement about the generosity of Simpsons. I once ordered a Classic 1 synthetic from them which was a bit delayed by a week or two. I didn't complain or even contact them about it, after all their brushes are hand made and everyone wants a Simpson brush. When my brush finally arrived it came with a note apologising for the delay and this complimentary shave Cream.

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Simpsons should hit the iron while it's hot and quickly issue a special faux emerald brush and call it 'The Cavendish' to mark Manx man Mark Cavendish's triumph in bringing home the green jersey and in tying the record for stage victories in this year's Tour de France.

Buail an t-iarann te!
Congratulations on the new brush! Great customer service is an outstanding way to build the business! :a29: :a29:
Simpsons should hit the iron while it's hot and quickly issue a special faux emerald brush and call it 'The Cavendish' to mark Manx man Mark Cavendish's triumph in bringing home the green jersey and in tying the record for stage victories in this year's Tour de France.

Buail an t-iarann te!

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I've been using my new Chubby 2 Super for the past few months and while it was fine for the first 3-4 weeks, it has recently started shedding hair while loading up, lathering, washing up and drying out. Brushing it dry across my hand throws out hair too. I face lather and using painting strokes makes no difference - I'm constantly scraping loose hairs off my face.

Really glad I came across this thread as I think I'll be reaching out to Simpson soon to ask for their advice.

That said, the hair Simpsons use is gorgeous so I was really gutted to see that I ended up with a shedder...
Simpson has always been extremely polite and accommodating when it’s come to finding ways for me to give them my money. I’ve never regretted doing business with them. They stand by their products, take custom orders and are quick to reply to any correspondence. Buy with confidence. Everyone needs a Simpson.
Do you live in the UK?
I used to live in the UK but now reside in Australia. I have always had a good response, in a reasonable time frame, from Simpson given the time difference between our countries. I find this quite incredible considering the number of calls they must get. Also over the phone the staff have always been very polite and helpful. Mostly everything runs quite smoothly over the website but from time to time you need to speak to someone in person. This has never been an issue with Simpson. If you don’t get a response to your email I’d try them on the phone. These guys have been around for a long time for a reason.
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I have dealt directly with Simpsons 7 or 8 times over the years, mostly in purchasing limited edition brushes. Most of my contact has been with Ms Dillon, who has always been cheerful and helpful. One time I made a 'late night' purchase (you know what I mean...) and awoke with buyers' remorse (and a head smasher) in the morning. I sent her an email and she couldn't have been nicer or more understanding, and backed the charge off my card. I believe it costs the merchant a little money to do that, but she made no mention of it.

I own in excess of 20 Simpsons, with several brushes in each of the grades of hair they offer. Some are more enjoyable to use than others, even within the same hair grade, but that's down to the uniqueness of each handful of badger hair, and not to any quality control issue at Simpsons. I've never had a problem with any Simpsons' product not performing as advertised, and I look forward to my next Simpson brush.
I was surprised at how quickly Simpsons responded to me when I wanted to spend some money on a custom brush. But I was shocked at how quickly they responded when I had an issue with a brush I bought from them.

I think much of the warranty confusion/issues stem from buying a Simpson brush from a retailer vs. Simpson direct. If I buy a brush from WCS, Alrossa or whomever, I SHOULD start with them if I have an issue and not Simpson as they have no visibility to the transaction.

YMMV, but I have 18 Simpson brushes and have nothing but good things to say about the company (and the brushes).
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