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    Hey guys, yesterday I lashed out & ordered a Simpsons Classic 1 in best (not a huge fan of synthetics) & matching travel case to be used mostly as a travel brush. Im mainly a bowl latherer but decided Im not going to muck around with bowls when Im away from home so wanted a high quality smaller sized face lathering brush. I origionaly bought the Edwin Jagger travel brush in best & matching travel case (before I wanted a face lathering brush) & was very dissapointed..its way to small, has absolutely no backbone & is a nightmare to use. I already have a Chubby 2 in best that I really like so hopefully the Classic will live up to the great reviews Ive read. Im just curious about the drying times of the Classic 1..Anyone have any experience travelling with the Classic 1? I know the Simpsons travel cases have a vent at the top so Im guessing as long as the brush is mostly dry it should be fine to put in the tube for short term storage while travelling?
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    I've traveled with a similar sized Simpson Commodore X1 and it seemed fine -- never really dried thoroughly -- but it was nicer than my Wee Scot, a little too small. I used a pill bottle with holes top and bottom and lightly wrapped the brush in a paper towel while on the road.

    Enjoy the brush and upcoming trips!
  2. I have a Duke 1 that I use as a travel brush. It fits in the Simpson’s travel case, which I use and works just fine. Although it doesn’t have precisely the same measurements as the Classic 1, they are both in the same ballpark. When I travel, I find the Duke doesn’t completely dry between uses, but that doesn’t really bother me.
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  3. Awesome thanks for the advice guys..I was just a bit worried about travelling with a brush that isnt 100% dry but its not a major problem by the sounds of it which is good & it wont be damp for extremely long periods or anything so Im probably overthinking it:thumbup:
    • My travel brush is a Wee Scot that works great!! I also have a classic 2 that I use in my regular rotation and will not part with ever!! The Classic 1 should provide great backbone for face lathering IMHO!! :a14::a14:
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    I have a Wee Scot that I travel with and also opted not to bring a bowl. The brush travels well in a pill bottle, as have other brushes I’ve traveled with.
    Have you ever used your personal traveling bowl, your hand? I have begun hand lathering and much to my surprise, it’s pretty efficient. It works best, for me, to use a small brush. Give it couple of tries at home and see for yourself. It’s not a Georgetown Scuttle, but it’s a pretty good option if you ask me.
  5. The Classic 1 is a great brush if you like smaller brushes as I do. I use my Classic with the Simpsons travel case when I travel. I've never had a problem.

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