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Simpson Silvertip Vs Super Badger

I have been looking at Simpson brushes and hair grades and I'm struggling to find much information on the difference between their Super grade vs Silvertip. On their website the Super badger brushes have silvertip in parenthesis on the header but the brushes themselves say 'Super Badger' vs the 'Silvertip Badger' marking on other brushes I see. Does anyone have knowledge of these knots and/or experience using the two?

Thank you all in advance!
Their super badger grade is 3 band, and their silvertip is 2 band. My silvertip knot has a bit more backbone than my super knot, and their silvertip knots tend to be a little smaller than their equivalents. Can’t say which one I like better to be honest. Granted, they don’t get used much in my den with other knot preferences.
Silvertip has more backbone and softer tips than Super generally. But we are talking about Simpson here and they are known for quality, but not necessarily consistency.

I like their Super as well, but a good Simpson Silvertip is the best knot on the market IMO.
The Super of these days is a Three-band hair, and the Silvertip is a two-band hair.
Hair grades are quite confusing as there is not any rules, regulations, laws etc.
Every maker has its own grading. In the past the tree bands were called silvertip by many, now a lot of two-band are called silvertip 2-band.
As I said there is not any agreement by makers, so they keep confusing us.
However, if I would have to chose, I would take the two-band over the three band silvertip - but this is my personal choice, brushes are very subjective, so everyone has hers/his own idea what they like or feel is good for them.
The 3 band Super is thinner hair and will have less backbone. To me, it feels more plush than the 2 band silvertip but also more scritch. The 2 band feels very soft on the face and it has more backbone than 3 band super.
I have a CH2 is just bought in 2 band silvertip that actually feels right in the middle. It could be a high end super grade or a low end 2 band Silvertip. You just never know what you'll get from Simpson. Seems there is great variations in hair even within the same hair grade.
I'm in the tank for the SiLVERTiP (gah) — I have four or five of them and they are, for me, the perfect blend of (modest) backbone and soft, scritchless face feel. I prefer it over their Manchurian. The Super I have is soft to be sure, but not dense enough and less backbone than I prefer.
There is a three band super silvertip I believe op is referencing. I have purchased one brush in the past that had this grade and noticed it was quite nice , a thin natural feeling hair that is easily recognized as a premium grade during use.
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