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FS Simpson Polo 2-Band (Grey Box), Thiers Issard TAOS and Dovo Palisander Straight Razors

Clearing out a few more items from my collection this morning. Prices include US shipping, insurance and Paypal fees. Please post any questions here or PM me to purchase.

First up is a mint condition Thiers Issard 5/8" (11/16" actual) hollow ground straight razor made for The Art of Shaving. This razor has bovine blonde horn scales and includes the original leather pouch. The razor was honed on an Aiwatani Asagi JNAT and is shave ready to my standards. There are virtually no flaws to point out, just an amazing razor that I have grown out of. The blade will be disinfected and oiled prior to shipping. TAOS sells this razor for $320, take this one for $175!

This Dovo started life as a Palisander and has been rescaled by the original owner. I traded for it a year or two ago and have enjoyed using it. The blade measures 13/16" wide and is hollow ground. The thumb notch makes it very comfortable to shave with, but a bit trickier to strop. It shows signs of use (watermarks) and a little neglect with that spot of pitting on the face (all there since I received it). I planned on polishing it up when it was due for a touch-up honing, but the edge is still going strong and I've recently purchased a new Bismark so this razor needs a new home. These sold for over $150 new if I remember correctly, but you can take this one for $90

Finally I am offering a 2012ish model Polo 8 Super 2-Band. This hair is the super soft tipped batch that collector's go nuts for. I have three other Simpson 2-band brushes from this same era and they are among my favorites. I've never really been a fan of the large handle on the Polos and I rarely reach for this brush. The knot measures 25mm in diameter with a 50mm loft making it perfect for face lathering. I'm sure it would work just as well in a bowl or scuttle, but I've never tried. The hair's resiliency combined with the density gives this a moderately high backbone and as mentioned luxuriously soft tips. There are signs of use on this brush, but it doesn't shed nor have any other major defects. The brush will come in a grey box, but it is not original to this brush. $200