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FS Simpson M6 Manchurian Badger LE Brush / UK Red Tip Superspeed Razor

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1. Simpson M6 Manchurian Badger TSN LE #194/200
First owner, gently used only for face lathering. No issues.
A good way to try Manchurian Badger for a reasonable price,
as the price of entry for new Simpson MB is $287-$428.
All original packing included.
Note: Pic 1 on the bottom left of handle, that's a refection.

Specs: Overall brush height - 100mm / Knot Diameter: 22mm / Loft Height: 48mm /
Handle Height: 52mm / Handle Material: Horn / Hair: Simpson Manchurian Badger (Hand Tied)

Price: $120 (delivered)
No Trades


2. Red Tip Superspeed Made in UK (Pristine condition, no case)

Different from the US Red Tip, this is a more efficient, smoother and overall better-made sibling from across the pond. In my experience it goes head to ahead with many modern,
mid-aggressive razors like Charcoal Goods Lvl2, Timeless 95 and Blackbird. Very hard to
find, at least in such great condition.

Blade gap: 0.81mm (source: above the tie website faq section)

Razor is in mint condition on all parameters: cosmetics, mechanics and performance.

The material on the TTO is flawless. (no flakey paint)

A perfectly balanced, extra smooth daily driver for men with tough beards.

Price: $165 (delivered)
No Trades

Substantial $20 price drop on Simpson M6 brush, folks.
I think it's a very fair price for Manchurian Badger.

Now $100 (shipped)
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