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Simpson Emperor E3

How many of you gents have this brush? I know Peter and a couple other guys have 'em.... they look incredibly comfortable, and of all grips I have seen - it looks like the "ball" like end would be incredibly effective. I must say - I am incredibly intrigued by this brush. I'd love to hear more about it from its users!

The handle is indeed comfortable to hold whlle whipping up and applying a lather; the loft however is in my opinion rather loosely filled and too flexible for my taste; but then again, i have a preference for firmly packed, rather stiff lofts, but most of all i like lofts that are abundantly filled with badger bristles.....which the E3 isn't exactly.......

So overall, the E3 would not be my choice, for the reasons mentioned above, but it surely is a beauty to own (as are all Simpsons of course:001_smile )


I was considering the E3 because it's the smalles knot size that Simpson makes in it's Super badger... After using the 27mm Chubby 2, though, I think I might prefer Simpson's Super badger in a larger (read: >24) knot size...

The E3's knot is only 21mm! I guess it'd be nice to have that small-to-mid-size knot in a premium badger hair... (The wee-scot is only 17mm, but today that's only available in Best badger.)
Hello, Joel

I have an E3 and adore it; it's my "daily driver." I find the brush to be more than adequately dense; much denser than the Vulfix, Shavemac, or T&H brushes I own. It does have a higher loft/knot ratio than a Polo or Chubby, which may account for why Peter does not prefer it. Or, I was lucky enough to get a well-filled one.

Indeed, I find that it delivers a stout feel. The tips are soft, but it is more scrub brush than mop. It also holds a copious amount of water; more than you would expect from a brush its size.

For me, the size and shape of the E3 are ideal. It's knob makes it comfortable to hold. It's height allows me to make lather without banging the sides of the bowl. The knot works great with cremes and positively excels with soaps.

I bought mine from Robert at TGS, who sent along a white-tipped beauty.

Happy hunting.

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