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Simpson Colonel X2L, Chubby CH1 or Muhle Slivertip Fiber?

Sorry to all that I keep creating posts about brushes...I'm trying to figure out my next purchase. I do not face lather, just bowl. Currently I'm using cheap/midrange Parker brushes. I've had members suggesting the Colonel X2L (I had another thread about Franks)...but what are your thoughts of the Chubby CH1 or Muhle Silvertip Fiber? I think that I would like a large knot with my next brush, and that is why I looked at the Chubby and the Muhle. I know there is a price difference, but its not a big deal. Suggestions?

Colonel: http://www.westcoastshaving.com/Simpson-Colonel-X2L-Best-Badger-Shaving-Brush-X2L_p_390.html
Chubby: http://www.westcoastshaving.com/Simpson-Chubby-1-Best-Badger-Shaving-Brush-CH1_p_281.html
Muhle: http://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/...__high_grade_resin_horn_brown/77/100/35_K_252
While I love my CH1 for face lathering, I think it would be too short for my tastes to use for bowl lathering. The handle is really pretty small. I can't speak to the others, as I haven't had the privilege of trying them.
Out of the two Simpsons it has to be the Colonel for bowl lathering all the way.

I really struggle with using the CH1 for bowl lathering as the handle is far too small.

There are a few other Simpsons offerings for the same sort of money as a CH1 that work really well as bowl latherers such as a PJ2, 57, Commodore X3 and the Duke 3. There's always the Emperor 1 if you want a smaller knot in Super. Mine works very well as a bowl latherer (albeit in a smallish bowl).
I would say get the Colonel for bowl lathering then get this FS Chubby to see if you like that style, some here say the FS (Frank Shaving) 2-bands are pretty good and for the price it could work out, if not I know that Ian Tang has really good customer service. This way you get your bowl lathering brush as well as a big-knotted brush in 2-band.
Sorry for naggn' you for the Colonel but you'll enjoy it! You can always get another brush........and another..........and another........:lol:
I'm actually curious about the FS Chubby as well, but I think I have too many brushes already, but there is always room for 1 more...
Boy, there'd be no choice in my mind. I'd go with the Chubby 1. It's probably the most unique knot out there. I really like mine. I was tempted to buy a second Chubby so I could use it everyday. I also have a Muhle synthetic, and I am not overly fond of it. Despite the comments here, the sythetics still can't compete with a good badger, let alone a great badger.
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