Simpson Best Duke 3 shedding what to do?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Clark Finestead, Mar 13, 2018.

    My Simpson Duke sheds a least 7 hairs everytime I use it. The brush shed like crazy for the first couple months which I read that was normal. I have had it since November and really like the feel the size everything about the brush except the shedding!! What can I do?
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    If it's still shedding after several months use I'd contact Simpson and ask them what the next steps should be.
  2. I have owned three Simpsons. Two shed maybe five hairs, period. One was returned. You should try shampooing and a combing and if that does not fix it, request a replacement. Good company.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I have been extra careful with this brush as of right now its this most I have spent on a brush. I have followed what Simpson says to do, I have gently shampoo and combed, I never get the handle wet when soaking, I always rinse out and let the brush hang dry, frustrating when you have to shave badger hair and facial hair off your face.

    I shaved last night and it shed its normal, I will give this brush another couple months and if this keeps up I will reach out to Simpson. I have my eyes on a Kent BLK4 and anything 24mm by Paladin would love to compare.
    Thanks again ~ Shave on!
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    The Kent is a much softer brush, some say "floppy", not much backbone.....Simpson's are great, contact them now and tell them if it doesn't stop shedding before the warranty is up you will send it back....Handles are made to get wet...After years of service you will only have to replace the decal...You need to occasionally soak the entire brush in Mar-V-Cide or Barbicide to kill the microbes deep down in the knot .You'll be using warm, not hot water, so a 2 minute soak will not crack the glue or damage the handle....Don't give up on Simpson, they make great brushes.
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    Considering you are at the 5 month mark, I'd contact them now and at the very least, begin a service ticket.
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    I had a similar problem with my Duke 3 brush. However, my brush shed a lot more than 7 hairs. I contacted Simpson within a month and followed their directions to wash it out and comb it. However, the shedding continued and they replaced the brush. I would not wait any longer to contact Simpson. Explain to them what you have done and show them a photo of the hairs.

    Simpson is a fine company and will stand behind their products.
  7. I don't own a Simpson brush but I'd follow the advice of the guys who do and contact them now. Not to start a brush war but for this reason I can't see paying more money as I think all brushes shed, some heavier than others. The only thing that could get me to pay more is the customer service. If Simpson would replace the brush without going through 20 hoops then I see a lot of value there.

    Good luck!
  8. try the vendor first then contact simpsons directly. Shampooing and combing is not a fix. Just something prescribed to dislodge loose hairs in brand new brushes.
  9. contact them. they have a warranty period (1 year perhaps). I dillydallied when my Duke shed and missed it. My fault. ended up giving the thing away. Now I'm a Palladin guy - not one hair shed in nearly a year and love that thing to bits
  10. Yes, contact the vendor or company now.
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    Regards @malocchio 's points: Kents are a softer, looser head on the knot. They also tend to have a few strands of bristle throughout which are 'skrichy'. At least, the three examples 4,8, and 12 that I have are this way. Great flow through, but a very different objective of lathering than most of the Simpsons. Certainly no comparison to a Simpson "The Duke" let alone in a #3 size.

    Regards Paladin, I haven't yet seen any 24mm - maybe earlier in the business' inventory, but not recently. They're regularly available these days in 26's and that would be a very nice brush I'd believe. I personally own one with a 28mm bulb knot.
  13. +3! Definitely!
  14. I sent Simpson an email I will let you know their response. Thank you all!
  15. I wonder how shampooing makes the glue more strong.
  16. Send it back. mine had a horrible shedding problem, the replacement has only lost a couple of hairs over the last year.
  17. I don't have a problem brush. But read many times to shampoo them.
  18. Simpson's responded right away to my email told me to send it back. The brush is on it's way back to Isle of Man. This is my favorite brush up to this point going to miss it, hopefully I can get a new one that wont shed as bad.
  19. Simpson's sent me a new brush I have used it several times hasn't shed a hair and feels and works excellent. Great customer service, great product!!

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