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Simply sending "good thoughts and positive energy" to my dear B&B friends .....

A wonderfully smooth "old fashioned" Sunday shave this morning, with Proraso Green pre-shave cream,
a luxurious scuttle lather with Proraso Green tube cream and my wonderful old Simpsons Colonel X2L
best badger brush, smoothly shaved to a nice BBS result with my Rockwell 6C and a Gillette Nacet blade.
Finished off with Lucky Tiger splash and Kiehl's Facial Fuel balm. Ahhhhh .... Life is Good !

But the main reason for this thread is simple ..... I just want to send a load of good thoughts and positive
energy to all my dear Badger & Blade friends ! You gentlemen are the best group of guys on the internet,
and I hope that all of you, your families, and your loved ones are enjoying a happy, healthy, and hopeful
"Covid -- free" summer. Stay safe, stay smart, and happy shaves !
That Sir, is such a lovely feel good post in a world where each and every one of us should strive to be kind to each other.
Thank you Adam. I wish the same to you and your family.

Your post was something my late wife embodied - nice for no reason other than to be nice.
I don't know you but I do know this is the sort of post we need more of.

Prayers and goodwill back at you and yours!
Thank you, sir. I appreciate the positive vibes I get from this forum. As you said, these are the best group of gents on the internet.

My Sunday included a good shave:

CRSW Limonthol Shave Soap
RR Big Bruce Synthetic Brush
Perma-Sharp Blade
Fatip lo Storto Testina Gentile Razor
Cremo AS balm
CO Bigelow Elixir Blue cologne


And visiting with my oldest son and his family - including my twin grandchildren.

Doesn't get much better than that.
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