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FS Simply Put...I Must get Rid of Some Stuff

Cut right to the chase...I have too much gear and have to let some of it go.
Some is used, some more than others...some is new.
No junk is in the mix, be assured. Everything is in good shape.
No barters, no price haggling...and there is too much stuff to even think about splitting up this lot; please don't ask.
So...here is what $150.00 shipped CONUS (PayPal F&F) gets you:

G.F. Trumper Rose
Shaver Heaven (Australian) Spiced Mahogany
AOS Sandalwood
Chiseled Face Ghosttown Barber
Boots Shave Stick
Ogallala Bay Rum Shave Stick
Bluebeard's Revenge
All products are from about 4 oz. (in container) to unused.

Omega Synthetic (with stand)
Yaqi Synthetic
Semogue 610 (pretty sure it's a 610)
Omega S-Brush
Epsilon Synthetic.
Some Astra Stainless, Gillette 7'OClock, Derby Premium blades
.....plus some assorted samples of what may be soap of some sort

Wilkinson Travel Razor Kit
Omega DE Razor and Brush Stand
3 Piece DE Razor of Mysterious Origin (Weishi maybe?) 🤔 and travel case
Gold Dollar Straight w/silicon knit sleeve for you to learn how to hone..I am NOT calling this one shave ready but perhaps it would suffice
King 250/1K whetstone. An excellent bevel setter
Two cool shaving bowls with lids. One is Plastic with a Japanese theme I got at EPCOT. The other is stainless steel which I picked up in an Indian market. Both will hold about any size chunk of soap you put in it

Hey.....that's it!!

So, ground rules are set. Please feel free to ask any relevant questions.

Happy New Year.
Had an epic idea. I'm going to reconsider my marketing here.
As you can see the entire treasure trove is broken up (already) into three sections. So, what I'm gonna do is sell this inventory individually as it is currently divided: CREAMS & SOAPS, BRUSHES & BLADES, HARDWARE.
Each of the three lots are priced at $53.95 shipped CONUS.
Or...the whole lot is still available for $150.00
All other protocols remain the same.....still some great stuff here at bargain prices😁
In yet another attempt to move some of this great swag, let's try this:
**King stone, Shaver Heaven soap, and shave bowls are off the table for this special right now**
OK...pick any number of separate things you want, $5.00 each...MINIMUM OF 5 Items, plus actual USPS shipping cost which will be determined at time of sale. Purchases over $30.00 will receive some free bonus goodies (like a tuck or two of the blades shown or a couple soap samples, or something like that).

King stone and bowls....Stone $20.00. Bowls $10.00 for both. Plus...Shipping USPS, cost to be determined at time of sale.
I know...said I was not gonna do this but that old saying about Mountains and Mohammed kept popping up in my head.
So.....we shall try once more.
Tough crowd. So....
Pulling the Gillette 7 O’Clock blades,
Spiced Mahogany, Nivea, Bluebeards Revenge, Semogue and Epsilon brushes, and King 250/1000 hone.
Everything else, $59.95 shipped CONUS. Found a box that will accommodate it all so why not???
Out of town until next week so:
I’m pulling this lot off the BST for a while.
I will relist some of this stuff in the very near future, partnered with some other goods including a shavette and Brian Brown straight razor. Stay tuned.
OK...Back home.
Going to (once again) break all this swag into different lots, with some changes.

LOT #1
Brian Brown 7/8 straight razor. Box included. Perfect condition. I think its shave ready...but that's me
Omega synthetic brush w/stand. Good face latherer. Used only 2-3 times
Chiseled Face Barbershop soap. At least 80-85%
You may be aware Brian has not been taking orders for some time. If you are looking to own one of his excellent razors...here you go.

LOT #2
DE razor of mysterious origin; probably a Weishi or something like that. Comes with a rather cool travel case to facilitate a very compact package. Both are new.
Omega DE and Brush stand. Shows some wear from use but still quite functional. Great way to store your daily drivers
Tub of Valobra soap. 3-4 oz. I'll guess. Not even sure this is made anymore. Wonderful classic Italian shave soap. Comes in a sturdy plastic screw top container
Omega S-Brush. Liked by many as one of the more desirable synthetics; used once I think
Couple tucks of blades....they will be a surprise.

LOT #3
Shavette from the mysterious Far East. No idea who made it. New.
Omega #10290. (Orange handle) Used once
Tub of AOS Sandalwood Soap. Probably 90% left. Comes in an aluminum screw top container
Couple tucks of blades....sure, you love a surprise.

Lot #4
New Wilkinson 2-piece razor/blade kit. Another piece of fine travel gear. Good for everyday use too
Japanese motif shave bowl with lid. Give your den that "Orient Express" look
Boots shave stick. Fresh from the UK. Used 3-4 times. Enjoy the flavor of the British Isles
Ogallala Stave stick. Great smelling soap in a convenient tube. Used once
Gold Dollar Razor....what else can I say? Own an icon!!
The new stuff is shown below. Everything else can be seen above in the earlier posts.

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Lot #3...Taking the Omega brush out of the mix; adding an Arko stick (new) and dropping the price to $20.00
I'm shuffling everything up again.
Final until if/when I decide to send it to another selling venue.

Brian Brown Razor. 7/8, French point. Maple scales. Excellent condition and shave ready.
Comes in the original box.
$260.00 including CONUS shipping
PayPal F&F or add 5% for "Goods and Services". Either way is fine.

Everything else is gonna be boxed up later and sold as a lot in the future at a drop dead bargain price.
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