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Simply a few of my favorite things

Greetings all. Longtime lurker and member, infrequent poster. This past New Year has marked 8 years since starting my wetshave journey. I've had ups and downs, Good and bad experiences, but I think I've finally honed in on a set of tools and products that I consider my go to. Sure I like to mix it up a bit, but I did want to share some of the things that I believe work for me. I wanted to attach an image and a brief explanation. As always YMMV but here is what I seem to like best.

Razor - Gillette tech head (from travel tech on ebay) with Weber bulldog handle found for 19 dollars on ebay.
Blades - Personna Blue pack from Amazon, also use feathers and Astra along with others at times.
Brushes - Simpsons Wee Scot for face lathering (mostly with Arko). Semogue 830 for mug, bowl, or face lathering (boars can be great!)
Soaps - Arko stick (fits in medicine bottle well), very cheap on Amazon, Van Der Hagen Luxury from Walgreens.
Marvy Rubber Mug - unbreakable and cheap on Amazon. Van Der Hagen sits in it very well. Often super lather on it with various creams such as KMF, TOBS, or Proraso for some variety. Seems to work well.
Cheap Salsa bowl - 2 for 1 dollar at dollar tree. Fits well atop Marvy Mug and also unbreakable. Good for brush soaking and bowl lathering
Witch hazel - generic. Use it liberally after rinsing after last pass. Very cheap.
Pinaud Clubman - Classic, Manly, Traditional, long lasting, and cheap. Sometimes switch in Aqua Velva or old spice for variety

Anyway. This is what I found as great bang for buck items. Most can be found locally or cheaply on amazon or ebay. I often mix in other products and tools, but I found that these are great affordable items.

Mostly I learned about these items from you good gents on B&B. I just wanted to share what I like best and let the new guys know to keep trying things to find what works best for you and to keep working on your technique if you get discouraged. Like anything in life working at it will pay off!

Happy New Year!



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Sounds like you and I are on the same page.

All of the products you like are winners in my book also
The 830 is a great brush. Has qualities of badger but the backbone of boar. Loads soaps and creams well and performs well using face, bowl, or mug techniques. Very inexpensive as well!
Thanks for the feedback fellas. Always looking for the bang for the buck. Let me know if you have any other recommendations that you'd think be up my alley.

Oh and... let's go Mountaineers!
August West, you wouldn't happen to be an Orangemen would you? ; ). Miss playing those guys on the old Big East.

Or else I'm completely off on my coordinates. : )
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