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Silvertip Badger For Less than $60-70?

I currently have this:

and as a result of this store, up until now I thought if I wanted a silvertip I would need to put down well over $100 and wasn't willing to do that..however now after a cursory search on Amazon I find that most are under $70. Are these all quality (like a Parker silvertip for $60)?

Also I've heard people compare badger with boar brushes and was wondering what people like better as far as ease of lather creation? I'm going to try to start using some glycerin in my lathers and am honestly more interested in quality of lather than I am a smooth feeling on my face (though it would be nice to have both!).

So are any of these options worth considering as a good deal? :
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_s...adger shaving brush&sprefix=silvertip,hpc,209
Whipped Dog sells them for well under 100 bucks.

I have two. And love them.

As to making higher quality lather than a good boar...I don't know that I can tell a huge difference.

They probably work better than boar for me on creams, but not so much with soap.

With some hard soaps, I prefer boar.
Check out recent reviews in this forum of brushes made by Shaverjoe, then look up his brushes on the hobbyist forum or better yet, send a PM and start a conversation with Joe about your budget and the kind of brush you'd like. I recently took posession of a silvertip brush from Joe, and have no problems building lather with it from hard soaps such as MWF. Check it out!
I went with a Muehle boar brush from Royal Shave..was only $18 bucks..curious to try it to see how I like it before trying a silvertip :)
What are opinions of the Perker Silvertip brushes. They make one with a chrome handle and one with an olive wood handle. Both are $64ish in price I believe.
Whipped Dog.. Larry is the best..He'll go way out of his way to help.. Not only are you getting quality products but customer service that is hard to beat in any business..
If you look on Amazon there are some silvertip brushes from Wet Shaving Products in that price range (the "Prince" and "Monarch"). As I understand they are made in China but reviews seem to be pretty positive.
Whippeddog.com. Some of the best deals on brushes

I have a Whipped Dog Silvertip and I love it. I got it in a trade so I couldn't tell you a price. As far as silvertip vs. boar this is my take. The silvertip is softer with less of a backbone but, still works good for soaps and creams. The boar is scruffier with more backbone. I had a B&B blond boar before I gave it to my cousin.
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