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SIGNS your shaving “habit” has become a bit EXCESSIVE…

That comes out to $32 American, a pretty penny for a soap, indeed! 😱💰💰💰

Probably among the HIGHEST priced soaps, think only “Aqua de Parma,” and a couple of others, are higher.

Hope it’s WORTH it, bro! ☺
Gotta say, it was worth it!

Gathered enough soap on the brush in seconds. I face lathered and the lather was thick and cushiony and the smell was heavenly post shave my skin felt fantastic.
It even beat my favourite soap (up til now at least) Fine Lavender Pour Homme
I keep a very nice spreadsheet to track inventory. I then utilize a rotation system and color codes to track what Ive used so far.
A reminder in my phone tells me when I need to change soap and splash, razor, blade and brush.
I have a pretty specific plan as well.
1)I stumble into the bathroom at Zero Dark Thirty and splash water on my face.
2) I realize I didn’t grab a brush or razor from my shelves.
3) Go back to bedroom and grab a brush and razor.
4) Open up cabinet and grab a soap or cream.
5) Smell soap/cream and decide to use it or grab a different one.
6) Shave and all the great parts of it, building lather, the scents, wicked sharp blade, etc.
7) Clean & put stuff away (taking my B&B photos first of course)

Then repeat every single day.

It takes a lot of commitment to keep such an exacting rotation/plan but I’m somehow able to stick to it.
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