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Signature King Gillette 1908 Single Ring, How Rare / Common Is It?

with pleasure I would like to present you my latest score: Gillette Single Ring Signature

Serial Number: 383208
Condition: sloppy with some corrosion points, all teeth are there but one is a little bit bent. There is small crack on the handle.
There is PAT.NOV. a the bottom of the handle (rest is unreadable)

I will try to bring it's glory back :)

$IMG_2126.JPG $IMG_2127.jpg $IMG_2128.jpg $IMG_2131.jpg $IMG_2135.JPG
I found that I have been sitting on signature for possible months. I don't know where the razor came from. i was actually getting ready to sell it so I was taking pictures of it and as i took it apart to take more pictures, i happened to see the signature. I buy batches of razors local and on ebay all the time so who knows. I will have to post pictures to show proof. sn is A4428124 signature is only on the top cap.

i also know of another that was recently purchased on ebay. i will message the guy who bought it and see if he wants to post the info he has on his
I won this diamond in the rough on Ebay, over the weekend,
and can hardly wait for it to arrive....
I already have the proper case and blade boxes waiting for it.


s-l1600.jpg s-l1600 copy 6.jpg s-l1600 copy 8.jpg s-l1600 copy 3.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600 copy 4.jpg


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I won this diamond in the rough on Ebay, over the weekend,
and can hardly wait for it to arrive....
I already have the proper case and blade boxes waiting for it.

That's great, Kevin! That's the first signature single ring that I've seen that was engraved also. :thumbup1:
DSC02075.JPG DSC02064.JPG DSC02075.JPG DSC02079.JPG My newest razor arrived yesterday. I found that it is already a gem, not
the diamond in the rough that I figured it to be. Now housed in the proper
case, with what are the proper blade boxes, it is indeed the jewel of my collection.

I wish I knew who H.N. was....


DSC02064.JPG DSC02075.JPG DSC02079.JPG
I went out to check a few antique stores today. I wanted to see if there was anything of interest, but I also wanted to pick up something cheap that was super dirty. I wasn't concerned with what it was, just that it was a safety razor that needed heavy cleaning. I've never purchased a razor that needed any extensive cleaning, and a lot of the stuff on zee auction site tends to be...well, filthy.

Here's what I picked up today, in my last store of the day as they were closing. No case, was sitting at the bottom of a pile of Gems in a metal, non-razor box. It was the dirtiest thing in the pile, and I'm glad that it was!


I did not know what I was getting into when I purchased this. I knew it was a single ring, but I didn't check below the base plate at all. Nor would I have known the significance if I had! I only checked that it had a serial on the barrel inside the handle. Thank you to @ajkel64 for the prompt reply in the Aquisition thread!

The handle has no cracks. Both the baseplate and top cap are signed. Freaking out a little.

Looks like I need to find a new training cleanup razor!
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Excellent find! These are very rare. First you want to do a dish soap and hot water scrubbing to get the crud off of it. Then, since these are plated in silver, I highly recommend the aluminum foil/baking soda boiling method for restoring this fellow. I have used this method myself and the results are astonishing. If there appears to be enough of the silver plating after that, you might use a very tiny amount of silver polish to really shine it up. I would NOT recommend the silver polish if the plating seems be too spotty or very thin.
Looking good! I know some collectors are into the whole patina thing. I don't like that at all. I like my razors looking like the day they were put on the store shelf.
Here we go again!

The crew, newest in the middle.

If anyone is still managing the Wiki, these two can be added:

A397624 - Baseplate signed only
A379525 - Double signed
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