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Sierra Vista east loop

The monsoon rains have turned the desert green and lush. The barrel cactus are ready to bloom, the ocotillos are leafed out in greenery and the prickly pear are bearing fruits. Also saw a friendly bunny. 005EBBF2-6463-4BB3-8DD8-EC15AFD93806.jpeg 58696514-D21F-4916-9696-471150DBD95A.jpeg DADA1056-56F5-408E-8435-292FCFA78CB6.jpeg CEE5BF66-05FF-46CA-A1FC-4F17A3D7A9A5.jpeg D19E106C-2388-4C9C-8AB6-5503EC4E39C6.jpeg
I've never walked in that type of country and would love to do so at some point. It does have a beauty all of its own.
Not like around here in northern England where things are almost always green (or occasionally white with snow) and you can often see 10 rabbits in a field.