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Side to side comparisons - biased

I see lots of side to side razor or blade comparisons, where one shaves one side of your face with one and the other with a different option. I don't know about you all, but on daily shaves I do not get both sides of my face the same. Between using my right hand on my left side and some tricky spots on my left, the left always comes out worse. So at least I can't do a reliable side to side comparison.

Of course one can switch sides and do multiple days. That does help. You just have to take good notes so the comparison across days is accurate. In the same way one can just alternate by days, which would be as effective.

I'm just saying that some of those shaving videos where someone does one shave with two razors on alternate sides then declares one the winner, might have some bias in it. You at least have to have several shaves using the razor not just only on one side to start to draw reliable conclusions.


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Also figure that the more a person mindfully uses any razor, she or he will likely develop a style to get pleasing results from that specific razor (or hate it so much the razor gets chucked into the Specific Ocean) that the best we’ll ever get from comparisons is how well someone’s early experiences were with that razor.
I can never compare razors or blades like that.
I’ve adapted my style, number of passes, and routine to get the most out of the razors and blades that I enjoy.

I’ve had excellent razors that I didn’t click with and some that I enjoyed for a time and then moved on. I can’t compare them because I adapt to each.

Lots of great razors, blades, soaps, creams, and brushes. I’ve gone through my share and there aren’t really winners and losers, there’s just the ones I enjoy the most.
There's no such thing as an unbiased review. A review is someone giving their opinions on one or more products. They are inherently rife with bias. The trick is to get used to the biases of individual reviewers and how they relate to your own biases.

The only unbiased comparisons you ever find between two products is when folk list the physical characteristics of each. Reproducible physical measurements.
Well its personal for sure big time

I do it a lot but over quite a bit of time and truly compare and on their own for extended time and some more comparisons when I like something and try to find the small differences

same time some blades or razors you can tell right away if you do not like them and often coming back around you have the same thing as its just not the item for you !

I find it easier to feel side to side as the lather my face condition etc... are all the same and switching sides next few days balances that out I know my left side is tougher to shave cause of the odd growth pattern and being mindful to replicate :) well for some it works I reckon but again like all this its for entertainment and the old but true YMMV

but also easy to tell when you do not like a razor or blade only takes one or two shaves and you can tell even when you come back around to confirm
so yeah is for the times they are so close
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I’ve shaved both sides of my face enough times to know what they require and how well a razor is dealing with it compared to my other razors. And to be honest, at this point, I get equal results with equal comfort on both sides of my face with the way I shave - wasn’t always the case and it took time and practice to get there.

I know what you mean but I think with enough experience it isn’t a factor and you can compare razors fairly and judge which is more smooth, more efficient, etc. whichever side of the face they get. Any difference in the feel and efficiency of two razors stands out very clearly to me when I shave with both at the same time.
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