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Shower with Sandalwood soap

Had a late finish today looking for a fault.
It took ages to find, in the end it turned out to be a missing neutral connection in another room!

Any way, the heat in the room was over the top as usual, I drove home with my windows down, despite the cooler than avearge weather.

I then called into Sainsburys to pick up some items, milk, bread the usual stuff.
When leaving Sainsburys I ordered an Indian delivery. (Meat samosa, Chicken Tikka Bhoona, pillau rice, peshwari nan) just in case you wanted to know.

Arrived home. I had about half an hour to have a quick shower before my meal arrived, then blow me! No soap..
That was the main reason for calling into Sainsburys.
To top it all I stank! :angry: I then had a brain wave. I would use my Sandalwood shaving soap. After all it's only soap. So I did.
It was great. Now I smell pretty good all my arms smell of sandalwood soap. I have decided to use this soap to shower with now until it has gone.

So, if you run out of soap, don't worry you can always use your shaving soap as a back up.

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