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Shower Shaving

Only if I shaved my head or my legs or something more than my face would I shave in the shower. The excessive water usage offends my frugal soul
It just feels really awkward to shave in the shower. Even using a cartridge razor, there’s just no great options for a mirror and flat surface to put things. Ironically, my wife only shaves in the shower and it’s obviously not an issue for her. To be fair, shaving her legs is much less precise compared to me shaving my face.


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I'm sure this has been covered before but I did a search and came up empty.

I'm curious about how many others shave in the shower? Do you use a mirror? I'm just wondering how unique I am. I see very few mentions of shower shaving and none about using a mirror or not.

I really enjoy shaving in the shower. Yeah, it's a waste of water but I keep it nice and low while I'm shaving. I've got a full-length shower door so the shower gets super steamy and a nice marble bench so it's my "spa" time. I love to sit there in the steam and take my own sweet time shaving.

I have used mirrors off and on over the years, but I like not having one. I do it by feel. I don't cultivate much in the way of facial hair, but can maintain sideburns by using fingers of my free hand as a guide. By doing it by feel I maintain a hyper-accurate map of my whisker growth. I don't really do full passes - I guess the initial one is, but after that I move around my face almost at random getting all the little patches exactly against the grain. I just can't get a BBS without going against the grain and irritation isn't a big problem for me.

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I use straight razors so shaving in the shower would be unwise. One clip was quite enough.
I don't post often but here goes.

I love shaving in the shower. I have a Toilet Tree mirror that i fill up with hot water when i step in and it's fog free. I just have it mounted via sticky tape on the ceramic tile.

I have a small corner shelf for a stand for razor and my brush. I put my tub of cream on the corner of the shower door/window. just stays up there. A little bit ugly.

I just purchased 3 additional brushes (Simpson chubby 2 Manchurian, Shavemac DO1 and a Simpson Commodore X3) and will rotate them in/out of the shower to get and keep them dry.

Two things that i like is how soft my skin is afterwards and I blast cold water on the face right at the end.

My only complaints is I had a AoS Nickel brush that fell and chipped the floor (I won't name who hit the brush and made it drop - I value my life :) and then I have to shuttle which razor I want to use on that particular day. I typically use my EJ DE89 and rarely use my Gillette SLIM. I have since bought a Rockewell S6 and that looks to be permanently stationed inside the shower.

When I used to travel (pre-covid) i would still shave in the shower - just do it by touch.

I am currently in plans for remodeling my master bath and wanting more shelf space for my wife and my needs. Adding a bench, multiple shower heads/wand to help rinse off the shave but it has been working to rinse under the shower head.

When I got married and my wife hated when I left some hair residue on the sink I converted to a shower shaver, in the cartridge days I used the Can gels or foams and that is it now I use a bowl and a brush and my DE razor for head and face shaving in the shower, I have a mirror and a stand to put my gear on.

Having tried both ways after converting to DE shaving I prefer to shave after the shower at the sink, but it is much cleaner and tidier to shower shave (I clean myself and hydrate my skin then I turn the water off when shaving).

These days I'm mostly a shower shaver but some times I indulge in a sink shave.
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