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Shower Shave

I do it once a week, I work in a farm and requires me to shower in and out for biosecurity, and thursdays we have corporate meetings, so I shave on my shower out right before the meeting, so my set up is very simple, any DE that suits my fancy (I dont live any razors at work) an inexpensive shower mirror ($5) with a razor hook, cremo shave cream to eliminate the need for a brush, witch hazel and gillette after shave gel, thats it!
Great concept! How do you avoid dropping a slippery razor in the shower?
I tend to choose a knurled handle, but really anything would do just fine for me, as long as I free my hands of any soap, also, I stop the water for the shave, I take with me a plastic cup with water to rinse my razor between strokes and then turn the shower back on to rinse everything off, have never dropped a razor...yet!
They make a mirror that attaches to the shower head and has water flowing through it to keep it from steaming up. I never got around to buying that mirror, but it seemed like a great idea. I shaved that way for a few years (3 or 4 IIRC) and always wished I didn't have to hold a mirror in one hand while shaving with the other. I seldom shave in the shower now. I rediscovered badger brushes and enjoy the full experience out of the shower in front of a bathroom mirror.
always wished I didn't have to hold a mirror in one hand while shaving with the other.
If I had to do that I wouldnt shave in the shower at all, my mirror has a suction cup so both of my hands are free, one holds the razor, the other stretches the skin, I also enjoy a lot more when shaving outside of the shower with brush and soap, but for mere convenience I do that once a week shower shave, is the one shave I dont really look forward to, but dont mind either.
I'm a shower shaver. Used to use creams and soaps. Then I turned my dad on to DE razors. About six months later, he told me he was shower shaving. At first I thought he was nuts. But he swore it worked.

As I thought about it, I realized the point of soaps and creams was to get whiskers hydrated so they would cut easily. I wondered why water on the face wouldn't be just as good or better than a well hydrated cream or soap.

Sure enough it worked great. Had to purchase a shower mirror. Found a nice one with a shelf perfect for holding a razor. Have not had an issue even once with a slippery razor handle.

My technique is to trim my cheeks just below my sideburns before stepping into the shower. For that, I run hot water over my face and apply a tiny bit of hand soap just below my sideburns. Then wet the razor and do three passes on each side.

Next I step into the shower and soap up my face but don't rinse. While the soap sits on my face, I wash my body. Two minutes later, by the time my body is done, the soap on my face has pretty much come off but the hot water and steam continue to soften my whiskers. I wash my hair next and rinse thoroughly. Then I reach for the razor and run three passes (WTG, XTG and ATG) -- not inclusive of the area just below my sideburns. This technique allows me to not be reliant on the shower mirror (which I can do without entirely). But if I forget to trim beforehand, the mirror allows me to get everything in the shower.

I'm careful to make sure the water is running directly over the razor for the entirety of the shave. Water is a wonderful lubricant. The result is as good a shave as I ever got with soaps and creams, even when I really worked up a huge and rich lather. I never get razor burn and rarely cut myself even though I use the most aggressive of razors and blades. Until recently, my daily shave was a Futur set to 6 (on some occasions with a Feather blade). When the stop wore away on the Futur, I began setting it higher. No blade gap was too much.


These days I'm shaving with other aggressive razors. The Ikon Tech has become my favorite.

No soaps, no creams, no aftershaves, no astringents -- nothing. A very simple technique that produces great shaves in no time at all. Way faster than when I kept my trusty brush, soap and bowl by the sink.
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