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"Just Call Me Billy"
These two goofs. Great Bernese (boy) and a Landseer Newfie (girl).

I am super mad at them right now though as they escaped from their [email protected]$$ dog walker yesterday and terrorized the neighbours. The Newf jumped up on and scratched a teenager and he freaked. Cops were called and the whole 9 yards. All is good as the dogs didn’t really bite anyone but when 260lbs of excited and hyper puppy runs at most people, it is pretty scary. 👎

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And they obviously like ice skating as well!


Fridays are Fishtastic!
I have (for only one reason, mostly, because they are the sex that shows up at my door) had mostly boy cats over the years. But the girls are (in our experience) MUCH more gentle in play than the boys.

"Personality" in animals are so individual!
Once big boy got around 4 months, he figured it was time to keep the claws in. He does occasionally snag me with a tooth, but not often. He used to have to rough house with me 5 or so minutes a couple times a day, but since he (named Shadow) got his own little shadow, he doesn’t do that with me as often. Makes me a little sad, but happy he has a buddy. Tabby (the girl we from the shelter who lived on the streets) won’t play with him- she goes from chill to fight mode on him pretty quickly.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
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Riley is our second Airedale. She likes belly rubs and grub. A real sweety!
Terriers require a dominant human. Once they are around 60 pounds, even more so. My grandparents had one- great dog, but knew who was in charge. He was 7 years old and died about a month or so after my grandfather. He basically gave up on living. He didn’t want to do anything but lay around.
Love rottweilers, how old is he?
4 years now. 105 pounds. I remember this pic. one of our sons took it. My wife just walked out the back door. Diablo is very much like her shadow. Everybody we know knows not to make any sudden or perceived threatening moves toward her. He is very protective of her.
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