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    So where would the koma be in terms of a progression? Towards the end like the nagura version?
  1. With the big toishi type nagura I will use small koma on the big one, make slurry and hone. Then go to finishing stone with tomo.
    Only thing with these big rocks, they are thirsty so I like to soak them for a while before use and then intermittently spray them while honing so the slurry doesn't get too thick.
  2. LJS


    Wow - very nice
  3. MO1


    That is one big slab of koma.
    Could not have been cheap :302:
  4. Nope it wasn't. It fell in the special category so price per gram was higher than small stones.
  5. 1.2 kg! Damn! I see you do not play around! Lol, Very nice sir! Very nice.
  6. :) Thx. Yeah it's a brick.
  7. Man I need to look into converting my Roth IRA into stamped silicate bricks...
  8. Yes. Diversify. Part of the portfolio in Jnats. :)
  9. I can hear my wife now. “You put our savings into DRIED MUD?!?!” And then I’d have to liquidate to pay my divorce lawyers anyway..
  10. I thought I’d post and close out this one I posted a while back... I’d been out of the JNAT shopping game for a few years and accidentally bought a stone from the Newest Russian account. Decided to wait it out and see if it was any good because I have a need for tool grade stones too.

    It’s a pretty non-descript hand held with some iromono patterning:

    Of course it became a rare mishapen Nakayama Maruka during its time in Russia:
    His stamps have gotten a bit more believable at least.
    Overall though it has an appeal and it left a really nice edge on an average Solingen full hollow on the first try with just diamond slurry then water finish. It was just barely on the verge of being sharper than I like so I’m definitely very very pleased with this purchase, but please don’t think this is condoning our Russian friend.
  11. This stone was a wild find in of all places, a thrift store. I almost passed on it. I thought it was a synthetic due to it marked 1.5k on the box. When I handled it, it felt much finer so it came home with me. If I am understanding the kanji correctly, (and with the grateful help of forum members) it is a 山城国 Yamashiro 特産 tokusan "Speciality stone of yamashiro no kuni (South Kyoto)”. It is 最優良 saiyuuryou “top quality” 正本山 honshouyama “true original mountain” 合砥 awasedo “finishing stone”. All of the above is wonderful to know but it is nothing compared to how the stone preforms. It is a excellent finisher. It is on the hard side, but not to hard. It has a velvety feedback with almost no feeling of grit. It is a fast cutter, it generated swarf quicker than I thought to would for being so smooth. I only refreshed glass killed blades so far. It gives up a polished edge with a slight haze with not to much effort. Shaves so far have been smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable

    A66FEFC9-6C1C-429A-8DDB-D0333261AF51.jpeg BF71EEC2-2F92-44FB-86AB-7F06DC59CCEB.jpeg 9C05EF77-6DA8-410B-9F01-CDB4702754D3.jpeg
  12. Here’s some pics of my first Jnats (and a koma). Overwhelmed with joy after staving off HAD for too many years...until I was ready.

    Am I ever ready to play with these bad boys. An ozuki kan mokume and a kiita barber hone.

    317CC440-E4D0-49E5-8534-C7B6FF596234.jpeg E33694D8-C239-4A9D-9FA6-1936D2298745.jpeg 34D96563-8375-471B-B9C6-992918FA82D1.jpeg B51FDBFA-F24B-4DE0-ACB0-0622C8321E7C.jpeg C240AAB8-F2ED-4ABF-A8F6-964E733B1328.jpeg 5AA2A407-F6BD-4806-9588-F3D027D2B4DE.jpeg E4BA01D7-4AC9-43B1-AE96-9C1755353835.jpeg 68197126-B99E-438C-A968-0B1E29A8C855.jpeg B8641DA8-D9C4-4622-B187-B406CA759CD9.jpeg 6BCF9BEF-3CAA-4344-BF0C-2FD4392B7554.jpeg
  13. Those look really well packaged... these are your first JNATs? You’re Really not messing around with that setup.
  14. I've waited a few years, and no, I don't often mess around with anything. Took my sweet time deciding if I wanted to make this jump, and for me, yeah, I have no reservations about where my passion is taking me.

    Seems I love honing every bit as much as shaving....and stropping. You may have noticed I grabbed a couple of vintage strops, too. Hobby, therapy, whatever. YMMV.
  15. Welcome to the world of jnats!
  16. I shouldn’t post it on this thread, but Arks are my favorite razor finishers...

    That said I spend most of my honing time on JNATs with tools and I think for sure there’s nothing more therapeutic or zen building than exploring all the nagura combinations with different blades.
  17. Nice stones.
  18. An Ark was the first natural finisher I wanted to try out along with the Escher when I initially learned honing. Now that I'm headlong into Jnats, the various hone / nagura combinations and slurry techniques will no doubt keep me on my toes and freshly excited about the sport. :001_005:

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