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Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones


Ask me about shaving naked!
You can also use automotive lacquer putty to fill imperfections though it’s too thick for small cracks. Doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t seem to interfere with honing. I’ve seen this putty on used stones coming out of Japan.

I’ve also seen Bondo used, but not on the honing surface, usually reinforcing ragged corners and sealed with something as Bondo will absorb water.
Here is a new one. No idea what this is. Kiita, asagi, suita??? Love to hear your thoughts. Very soft, but seems very fine, not tested fully. Came with the box and stamps barely visible by photo but pretty easy to see in hand. Softer than I would like for finisher but we will see. Took a gamble on it via auction site.



I also won an auction for this pair. Under two bills too. Reportedly a Shinden suita brick and a Nakayama. Cannot verify that of course. What I can say is that the suita will truly take an edge to shave ready after a 1k cholera bevel set. I was shocked that it worked, just used a fine hard nagura and took it down to plain water. I think the other is a kiita??? It is hard and very fine. Some stamp visible on the end and a hand written note on the long edge.


@cugel I have a very similar stone that is a Narutaki Best Razor hone, has a similar cut and look about it. Also, fits the description of your stone. On the softer size, and gives up alot of itself during slurry. Still a joy to hone on and produces as sharp and comfortable shave. Not hyper-sharp, but in that goldilocks kinda range. Cool stone!

That’s a stunner. What’s the Boulder shaped nagura?
Thanks man, she’s a looker for sure. That boulder must be akapin because it’s pretty soft. Somebody did the messiest glue job adhering it to a piece of wood, so I just ripped it off and put facets all over it for effect. It’s the size of my fist lol.

3CB62E76-F58F-478E-9EA2-7D6F47EB0DFE.jpeg 2343EEAC-5AAC-4D4D-BDF4-030445209104.jpeg
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