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Show us your favorite lather bowls & mugs.


God knows how many lathering bowls I've tried over the years, some of them are already posted in this thread. The ones I use are from left to right:
  1. A ribbed ceramic bowl bought from the Geman sight Korium. It's easy to hold and not too large.
  2. A bowl made By Steve Woodhead, one his smaller ones.
  3. Mühle. This bowl looks so tiny, but the big bump in the bottom actually works extremely well for making lather, but I prefer to use it with knots that are 23mm or smaller.
  4. The Fine bowl needs no presentation.
Here are some bowls that didn't make it to my top list. I think you might recognise the Pereria bowl in the background. Then again this is only my preferences.
Parker 94R is my fav DE razor. I have Karve C SB/D OC, RR GC.84, Slim, New LC. 94R is my most fav. Indian Gillette Super Platinum and Rapira PL works best with it.
My favorite DE too. For $28. it's hard to beat.
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I use a Vintage Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog Ceramic Shaving Mug (I'm a 90% face latherer & 10% scuttle user), which is 3¼ inch tall and 3 inch across the top.

Also, this mug is small enough to easily fit many soaps and at the same time being only 3¼ inch deep...it prevents almost all shave brush 'clanking'. :thumbsup:

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View attachment 906370"[For] many people, [the shaving mug] is not [simply a] voyage of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance". Philip Andrew Adams
PS I also have 4 others...for

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Looks cool. Very unique.
Thanx for the Shout-out.jpg , support and for sharing. :thumbsup:

Shaving Brush.png"Don’t worry about the [lather drying out]; just load the [brush]…”. George “Mule” Suttles
I use an enameled metal mug I picked up at a Hobby Lobby store--about $6.95 (USD). It works up a great lather from Van der Hagen soap, using my Omega 11126 brush.

New Mug.JPG