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Show Me Your Build


Moderator Emeritus
This cant be a real Vape forum if we cant see some pictures of everyones builds

This is a first with coils built by a local shop since they were out of Kanthal but hey we need a first picture


Gauge... dont know
Coil was 1 ohm
dont know how many wraps
Japanese Organic Cottom


I grew a tail.
My favorite set up. Plume Veil Addy with a Penny Mod.


Dual wrapped 26 gauge 5 wrap coils. .20 Ohms.


A shot of vapor.

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$2014-12-22 16.04.58.jpg

Magma, 28 Guage Kanthal
My first from scratch (That went right) build, about a 1 ohm build, not as much vape or flavour as my Atlantis, but its a start, time to watch the vidyas


Moderator Emeritus
Wow... there's some serious builds and hardware in here already. lol

I don't build my own, my friend here does them for me. Maybe it's time I look into it, though?
I think I have all double single-coil 24g kanthanl builds in my RDA and RTA, but I was playing around last night and made a couple twisted coils 24g, but haven't put them into anything yet...

Forgot to take a pic... :-(
Tried twisting some kanthal by hand, was pretty quick and easy with a hook and a pair of pliers.

Attempt number one, dual coils, result: really rough vape, ripped out promptly:

Attempt number two, single coil, result: much better than the dual, will keep this build for a bit:

Existing plain dual set up and both twisted attempts were all sitting around the 0.5Ω mark.
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