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Should I Use My Gillette Swedes?

I just came accross a 5 pack of Gillette Swedes I got in a sampler some years ago. There are 4 blades left. Would you use them? My hesitation is if I love them I can't get any more. I don't remember what I thought of them originally. Or should I save them as a collectors item? what would you do?
Now that they are opened, and since you only had 5 to start with, its not a collectors item. I would save them for a special occasion. But they are blades, which are designed to be used. And unlike razors, these have little to no resale value. Just my 2 cents
Save them for weeks when you want extra great shaves and use them then. Like a big wedding or class reunion coming up that may involve more than one day or night. Or a vacation if you may be going someplace classy or something.
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