Should I Try Clubman Special Reserve?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by ChainsawShaver, Jan 16, 2019.

    I love the original clubman but im thinking should I try Clubman SR? I hear to many varied opinions what age do you think could pull it off? Thanks a bunch guys :001_smile
  1. The standard B&B answer is "yes!"
  2. Ad Astra

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    Whaaaaaat! You DON'T have Special Reserve?!?

    Everyone needs this!

    Amazon, quick!

  3. really its that good?
  5. It has a great smell, would recommend it UNLESS you don't like strong smells. Seeing as you like Clubman, I wouldn't expect that would be the case, but SR is a very strong scent, so if you were sensitive to things like that then it wouldn't be the best choice. Otherwise it's great!
  6. At the moment, even with it decanted, I’m not a fan of SR. It is very strong dark, slightly smoky/ashy, slightly musky. It’s almost as polarizing as The Veg for me.

    Clubman...OK; Vanilla...decent; Citrus Musk...great; VIBR...heavenly.

    Still waiting to try the newer “boozy” type scents. They sound good.
  7. I prefer Whiskey Woods and Musk over Original and SR
    SR is less sweet than original, with a "peppery" aroma, to my nose at least.

    Just read above post "peppery" might be "smoky/ashy"
  8. The correct answer is: Yes. Although, if you don't like leather, steer clear. This is a strong one and the scent lasts most of the day on me.
  9. Clubman Special Reserve gave me a new appreciation for "cheap" splashes. I now have three that I will not be without . . . Clubman, Special Reserve, and Brut.
  10. emwolf

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    SR is one of my favorites.
  11. Is it similar to jovan musk? my dad wears that. i love strong musky smells.
  12. brut rocks!
  13. If you don't want to smell like Clint Eastwood after his half shave then shootout in High Plains Drifter, manly, rugged and oozing testosterone, don't try it! Seriously it is leathery, smoky and quite a powerhouse that settles down into a masculine cologne scent. Love it.
  14. haha 44 magnum man
  15. emwolf

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    I don't know, I'll have to go smell some Jovan Musk.
  16. thanks emwolf
  17. SR is one of my favs. But I favor strong, projecting, lasting scents.

    If I were going to be inside all day, perhaps not. Might put off fellow "captive audience" co-workers. But any other venue is AOK by me.
  18. I just got a bottle of SR right before the holidays and I was definitely impressed with how long it lasted during the day. As others have stated, it will be strong. But the only issue I had with it was it had some sort of reaction with my skin. I think it may have just been a fluke, but I am going to keep it as a go to.
  19. Try it... [​IMG]

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