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Should i switch to DE again?

One of the reasons that DE/SE and straight shavers get a better shave lies in their shave prep.
Your “splash face with hot water a few times” technique is not much of a pre-shave routine, but as you use shaving brush and shaving soap/cream already, giving your face a little more time to absorb some water, maybe with some (glycerine) soap, to soften the whiskers may help. The pre-shave does not have to be elaborate, but it is essential that the facial skin has a few moments to soak up some water.

Another reason for DE/SE/straight shavers having better shaves lies in the way we shave.
To get the close and comfortable results that most of us are after you would have to abandon one-pass shaves.
A one-pass shave and BBS shave are just not compatible.

You would need to raise your ante and do at least a two-pass shave, plus touch-up on the corners of your yawline.
With the right safety razor (positive blade exposure) you could even mimic the results close to a straight shave.

But then again, I believe that with a good cartridge razor, you could mimic the results of a good safety razor shave, if you are willing to abandon your one-pass routine, even if some on this forum may disagree with me.
The catch is that cartridge razors try to emulate a traditional multi-pass shave by having multiple blades, but you are still dragging that thing in a single pass and in the same direction across your face. There is a risk that you could give yourself skin irritation with a multiple pass cartridge razor shave. That is the reason why DE/SE/straight shavers harp about “comfortable” shaves.

There is obviously a reason that you abandoned safety razor shaves in the first place. If it was the number of passes and you don’t want to change, then a saftey razor will not give you any better shaves.

To summarize, what will give you better results is a) an improved pre-shave routine and b) shave with multiple passes. You could first try with a good cartridge razor and then, if you are so inclined, move from there to a safety razor, but I am confident that you will already see improvements with the cartridge razor.

This is really the best answer here. Really good advice.
There is definitely a learning curve with DE shaving and, in the end, it's not for everyone. But rather than multiblade carts, I would try some of the disposable twin blade razors. But prep, understanding your face mapping, razor angles, and slow and steady, is required knowledge for DE shaving. There's a reason most people don't do it even today. My best shaves always come from fresh out of the shower. Much less face prep time required. But I've been doing this for so long (40+ years?), it's second nature to me.
I have a feeling that you just don't want to spend the time it takes to get a good shave.

Sure, We can all splash water and slap on lather and shave it off in one pass. But no matter what type of razor you're using or what direction that one pass is in you will not get a close shave that way. A close shave takes time and effort. Learning about your face, and understanding WHY the prep is important. Using quality soaps and learning how to make a proper lather. The lather is not just suds on your face.

I can shave with "ANY TYPE" of razor as I've done this for a very long time. But I still can't get a close shave with one pass. It just ain't happening! We are happy to help you to learn and enjoy your shave. But you must dedicate the time and effort to learning. Until then you will only knock the tops of your whiskers down.

Imagine saying to yourself "I wish my whiskers grew faster so I could shave more often and learn faster". That is when you are enjoying the learning process.
Stick around, Join in on the threads. And ask questions. We will gladly help you if you put in the effort.
Once prep and technique are settled into, I personally find DE (or SE) shaving so much more effective and enjoyable. 😉
Out of curiosity, I got out a near unused cartridge razor set I had during my hospital stay and tried it just the other day to compare experience. Then it reminded me why I tried DE shaving in the first place years ago.
YMMV, but it gave me a bit of razor rash, clogged easily and did not wash clear easily, did not have near as much maneuverability around my face, and only gave a close shave in the easy areas like cheeks, etc, leaving stubble in difficult areas, like under the jawline.
The memory of these shortcomings came flooding back along with the fact I would use blade heads well past their usefulness because it was so ridiculously expensive to buy a package of replacements. 😁
A good DE razor (an EJ DE89, Merkur 34C, or an old Gillette Tech are great choices, especially for those just getting into it)… Your Schick is also great, you have to practice and get the angle just right, but once you do, they can’t be beat. 😃
Good luck!
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