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Should I replace merkur 34c

Missed a pretty good deal on a Merkur Futur that was up for sale on B/S/T...within your price range and a very versatile, well thought of razor. Another may show up...
I was thinking about Fatip Piccolo. Muhle R41 seems like too aggressive. Someone mentioned FOCS but I don't like how it looks and I think open comb will do a better job.
Either a Fatip Piccolo or a Grande are more in your budget than an R41, and can easily take down a weeks worth of stubble, while the R41 is definitely more aggressive. The only difference between the Piccolo and Grande is the handle, the Grande handle is fatter but hollow so it is lighter.

If you want to go the vintage route, a Gillette Slim is a good starting point, with an adjustable razor I always start out on a low setting, then increase the setting each successive shave until I find the sweet spot.

You might also want to try using a Feather Hi Stainless blade in that mild razor of yours.

Man I need a shave

I have found the Fatip piccolo to be more comfortable than the R41 and price wise much more affordable, it is in fact one of my favourite razors.
As for the rest shave more, learn more about your beard and the directions it grows in. That will allow you to get a closer shave with less irritation, technique is the most important thing you will ever learn in shaving. It is easy to say picking up a new piece of kit will solve all your problems, but that is rarely the case, getting the most out of what you have will probably be more useful to you.
Finally enjoy yourself honestly when I am enjoying a shave It could take me five passes to get a good finish and I wouldn't care.
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I vote that you buy a Fatip Open Comb Grande; available in nickel plated brass for under $25.00 at Maggard Razors. I sold mine (in black) to a coworker who shaves every 5 or 6 days and it works perfectly for him with an Astra SP. I'd let him borrow my Game Changer .68 open comb and he found it took too many passes to get a clean shave. Now he needs a razor to use if he shaves consecutive days or every other day. I own and use the 34C on a daily or every other day basis and find it very comfortable. If I go 3 days without shaving the .68 OC is my go to razor.
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I bought Fatip Open Comb Piccolo. I am satisfied with it. I get more aggressive shave and I don't feel a lot of tugging that I felt with 34C.

Now I am trying different blades with Piccolo and has been going great so far.

I am also working on my technique and mappping my beard growth because some of you mentioned that I need to improve my technique as well. New razor alone won't fix my ingrown hair problem.

But I got what I wanted and that is more aggressive shave and lot less tugging when I have more beard growth.
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