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Should I be bothered about this chip?


I'm new to straight razors. I've redone the edge on a vintage razor for the first time. Noticed it has two small chips, (this pic, correct proportions, chips not so deep as here) what should I do?
Take it out. Keep yourself honest. It doesn't take that long. But if you want to do good work you have to hold yourself to a high standard.
Thanks, I agree. What strategy should I use, I have 800, 3000, 8000, Waterstones and a cheap welsh slate razor hone and 15000 lapping film?

Should I kill edge? Thanks
I would use the 3000. And remove it completely. Or you can use the 800 until the chip is almost gone then remove it completely with the 3000.
Without seeing a photo, I am not really sure about how large your chip is but here is a video that shows how to remove a chip - you need to work the edge:

Chip Removal and Bevel Setting on a Washita - YouTube

I have done this using my Naniwa Professional (Chosera) 1000 stone with good results.

To use or not to use a layer of tape is a religious issue. In theory, you want to remove proportional amounts of metal from both the edge and the spine to maintain the geometry of the edge. The first couple of times I removed a chip, I did not use tape and put too much pressure on the spine (and while I cannot prove it) and believe that I changed the geometry of the edge by not using tape. So depending on your skill, you may or may not want to use one layer of vinyl electrical tape (like 3M Scotch Super 33 or 3M Scotch Super 88) or 1 mil Kapton tape. BTW, 1 mil means 0.001 of an inch, not 1 mm.

Good luck!
I would hone it out.
Even if it was possible to get a shave with it as-is, there's no way to know if the steel in the vicinity of the chip, or in the chip itself, is going to stay skin-friendly for any length of time.
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