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Short, Thin Straight Razor?


I'm looking for a shorter, thinner blade, maybe with a bit less belly than usual, for touch-up after shaving with my standard-sized blade.

Messing around, I found that this generic shavette thing I have works nicely for touchup, and I'd like something like it, or maybe a bit thinner/smaller and shorter, but in a non-disposable form.

Is there anything like that out there?

Thank you.


Have you considered a Kamisori?
They tend to be small and nimble. Extra bonus point: the smaller they are, the cheaper they tend to be.
There are also some "rasoir a effiler" that can be found used. They were designed for trimming mustaches.
They also tend to be cheap as they do not have the bad-*** appearance of a number 14.
IMAG0699.jpg this little fella is great for me. I have a half mustache so from bottom of nose to half upper lip it's perfect. I've seen filarmoncas that seem to be close in size. Griffith shaving goods is a place to look.
I recommend Eskilstuna SSA 13 or 14 mm. Small, thin and excellent soft blade the swedes are famous for.
Do a search for a mustache razor. Smaller and thinner than a conventional straight razor. They do come up once in a while. Sometimes also called Dwarf razors. I picked up this Mab Rd a while back. I do have a smaller one that I will post up if I can find the time.

Mab RD.png

Maybe something like this without all the rust?
Okay I found it. It is a James Crawshaw Moustache razor made sometime around 1835 with natural scales. I have not done anything to it since I got it. Below it is a Theirs-Issard CrownWing 11/16th for comparison.



Alfred Spatchcock
You may find that the smaller, narrower blades are quite a challenge to both strop and hone.
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