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Short-handle safety razors suggestions, please

What is your favorite short handle safety razor. I have a Merkur 34C and it immediately became my favorite. Thus the interest in short handles arose. Please share which short handle safety razor you like/dislike and why. I'm thinking of liking a few of these and making a collection.
Any help is welcome


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I have really developed an appreciation for the Atlas handle on my Above the Tie Windsor. It is 76.2mm and a barber pole pattern. It grips nicely, has sufficient heft, and is good looking to me. I also have a Kronos, a bit longer, and it just sits in the drawer most of the time. Even though it has more conventional knurling, I do not find that it grips any better.
My shortest handle is my Hoffritz travel set. You might consider vintage travel sets as they are usually cheaper than the regular razors. If you only use one piece of the handle they are even shorter 😁 either piece will work as they normally have the same thread.

3" / 75mm is a great length.

Karve offers 3" handles.
Check out the RazoRock Common Bar tribute handles.
I have several 75mm custom Ti handles.
If you are interested in vintage Gem blade SE razors, the Ever-Ready and Gem branded 1912 razors and especially the Ever-Ready 1924 Shovelhead can be found with extremely short (significantly less than 3") handles.

A Shovelhead, compare the handle length to a blade:
How short are we talkin’ here?

View attachment 1525460
Winner! I was waiting for one of these to show up. I found a folding travel razor (kinda) like this in an antique store but the mechanism was much thinner (think spring steel) in the thickness of the material and folded differently (folded into a "traditional "T" shape)--I found it interesting, but way too flimsy and flexible, so I passed on it. This design is head and shoulders above in the way of holding the blade and something I might take a chance on using.
The Maggard MR1 is my absolute favorite handle, which I use in both my vintage and modern razors. I even use it on my Barbaros TR2 and TR3 as well as on my Blackbird. I'm a huge fan of the innovative designs of the modern razors, but their handles look quite uncomfortable to use.

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You can buy short handles for your DE razors if needed, but for a standard stock handle the ASR brands offer lots of these razors and they are joy to use.
One of my favorite ASR razors is the Gem Feather weight and its a tame mid range and a joy to use when your technique is dialed in for these unique razors with a Gem PTFE blade. Shaving does not get a whole lot better IMO.
Gem Feather weight Gen 1 1950-52, Gen 2,1952-54 (2).jpg

Have some greats shaves!
If you are interested in a slant bar the Merkur 37C is similar in handle length to the 34C.
The standard Edwin Jagger DE89 is also of similar handle length; maybe 5mm longer.


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I like them about 3" - say Fat Boy length, or some vintage Gillette New Improved like the Bostonian. In modern, I had my Wolfman Ti handle cut to 3 inches ..
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