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Shopping in Central NYS

I live in the Finger Lakes district of central New York State in Ithaca. This is small town with only approximately 35,000 full-time residents. Between the students at Cornell University and Ithaca College, there's another 25,000 residents. The two larger cities that are closest to Ithaca are Syracuse (to the north) and Binghamton (to the south).

I thought I'd start a thread for shaving goodies in this area of NYS. There isn't too much yet, but here goes:

- Target (40 Catherwood Rd , Ithaca, NY 14850, 607-257-3387)

This store stocks (a) Proraso, (b) Caldo, and (c) Sharps products. The inventory tends to dwindle down slowly and is replenished irregularly, so it is possible that they are out of stock on things for a while. For example, I had to wait for a few weeks for them to get more of the Proraso pre-shave.

- Crabtree & Evelyn (Carousel Center Mall, I-81, Syracuse, NY 13290, 315-466-5889)

This store is in the Carousel Mall and stocks all of the typical C&E shaving tools and potions.

I look forward to hearing from fellow B&B-ers about other places in the area.

More brainstorming about shaving supplies in this area reminded me about Bath & Body Works locations.

I dropped by the store in Ithaca the other day and inquired about shaving supplies for men. I was informed that the central B&BW office had decided to remove men's shaving supplies from that store. I was given a card with a number I could call to "add my voice" to concerned patrons who were upset with this decision.

The next closest B&BW location that does carry men's shaving supplies is their store in Syracuse at the Carousel Mall (9747 Carousel Center Drive, Syracuse, NY 13290). This location carries a small sampling of men's shaving supplies, including a $10 tube of shaving cream made for B&BW by Proraso. Smells just like the Proraso green tube, eucalyptus and all.

Shopping for shaving supplies at TJ Maxx is hit and miss: sometimes they have interesting items and sometimes they don't. I have found interesting C&E soap and shaving cream at this location as well as a very good, and reasonably priced, assortment of EDT and AS.

More locations for some good shaving supplies:

Wegman's grocery store and GreenStar coop market both carry KMF, Tom's of Maine, and Alba shaving creams. In addition, GreenStar also carries Avalon shaving cream and Thayer's Witch Hazel products.

Syracuse mall (destiny usa) has a brand new AOS which is great because they can be talked into giving away samples. The mall also has Crabtree & Evelyn (with samples of all creams available) and a B&BW with a mens section (just CO Bigelow I think)
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