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Shopping for Brushes, Suggestions?

I am looking into buying a second brush. I started out with a Vulfix Pure Badger, but want to upgrade to Best badger. I lather with soap and cream. I was going to get the C&E BBB, but when I checked the site, they were discontinued! (or something like that)

I am looking to buy a new brush, so any suggestions and where to find them would be awesome.
edwin jagger makes the c&e brush, so just order it from their store. I got the medium bbb from them, it's fantastic, great price, and good shipping price from them, and comes super fast.


19 to 21mm/50mm shavemac in finest. what's your budget like?

+1. Both good suggestions. Westcoast shaving has the shavemacs.

I have heard some good stuff about the Shavemac brushes, but the Jagger brush is one I hear about with more frequency. Money is not the biggest issue, but the less I spend the better, of course. Thanks for the suggestions.
I would like to add my 2 cents, if i may! Please go with the custom made Shavemac than a mass produced EJ. Well worth the small price difference.
I will throw in a recommendation for a Rooney. A Rooney 3/1 in Super runs about $75 (at least it did last time I checked). It is great all-around brush and well worth the money.
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