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Shoe Shining Disorder. What Have I Done!

These boots are what “before” and “after” photos are all about.
Good idea. I’ll post pics when I’m done. I’m not going to bring them to a high shine because they will be doing some hard work come Monday, but I can get them back in fighting form with some elbow grease. Stay tuned.....
I have meetings the next couple days and wont be out in the shop again until Monday. Guilt took hold and I decided to get the process started this evening.

Cleaned...dried....placed in oven to warm leather up to 135 degrees so the leather absorbs the conditioner better and coated with a thick layer of SnoSeal. I'll leave them sit a couple days to let the SnoSeal soak in, then buff them a bit.

SnoSeal is excellent stuff. Its primarily beeswax and its been around forever. It waterproofs boots and conditions the leather. Keeps them from cracking. Probably a good reason why mine have seen 28 years of hard use and are still going strong. They ain't pretty, but they'll still get the job done. The leather is as soft and supple as a pair of Italian leather driving gloves.

After I retire in a few years I might have them resoled and reconditioned so they shine like a new dime!

Boots After.JPG

The Knize

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Bob/JohnnieGold, how are you finding the Saphir Sole Guard performs in real life? I am almost through the bottle I bought. I seem to have way more shores than I thought and my soles are extremely thirsty. I have not really tested any of them in wet conditions. I did notice that if I pour some water on a treated sole that has had some time to dry per the directions, water seems to wet the sole, if that makes sense. I have not tested to see if it soaks through to the inside.