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Shoe Shining Disorder. What Have I Done!


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Two pair today. That's 7 pair in the last two days (one pair not shown). Think I'm done for awhile. My arms are too tired. :smile:



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I did an 8th pair during the Jets game. Figured when the Jets were down by 28 points, the kicks could use a nice polish.


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So, today I posted this picture in the Shoes of the Day thread. A pair of Melchior by Mephisto.

After posting it, I looked at the shoes and thought that you sons of badgers deserve better than a pair of scuffed up shoes to look at. So off they came.

Is it wrong to polish shoes to the music of The Sandals? :huh: If it is, I don't wanna be right.

Brown, please. :yesnod:

One down...

How about a little sole dressing?

Now... here are shoes more presentable for the Shoes of the Day thread.

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I had a bit of a shoe shining party yesterday. Allen Edmonds Park Aves in the rear, Mercanti Fiorientini (DSW house brand, not top quality) in the front. Also a pair of relatively freshly oiled Iron Rangers hiding in the background.

Not pictured, two pairs of my wife's shoes that also got shined and polished. I have a new pair of AE Fifth Aves in chili coming in later this week, and was thinking about making up a tutorial through the whole process.


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Looking good. :thumbup1:

I need to get some oil on my Iron Rangers as well.

The AE chili is a great color, especially this time of year. As for the tutorial... Go for it. :biggrin:

A 10-15 year old pair of J&Ms from their discontinued Estate collection. They got a fresh polish yesterday and the cap toe got the "bulling" treatment.


I did this in the Navy at boot camp. never knew its name. I was assigned this duty and hated it. then the plexiglass gloss things came along and bam dress shoes all perfect.


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Beautiful Norwegian Split Toes and Medallion Captoes. Are those cordovan as well, and do I detect a little bulling on the Medallions?


Don't click on this thread, I said. I don't need to get another obsession, I also said. Darn it. My Red Wing 606s need polished, and the toe and heel take a beating. I will attempt to do this tomorrow. I am used to getting them done in 15 minutes. Oh well, Monday Night Football will be on.